Tricks to maximize the life of your mask

One of our new realities will be the constant use of masks as part of our personal protective equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19, as recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Whether it’s a disposable or reusable mask, Liz Santiago de Jesus, who is an analyst of the Health Care of […]

Nurse contradicts Trump about access to personal protective equipment

Washington – right on the National Nurses Day, A leader of health workers said yesterday in front of President Donald Trump in the White House that access to personal protective equipment, such as face masks, has not been constant. during the emergency of coronavirus. “It has been sporadic, but manageable … there are certainly areas […]

Doctors juggle offering science-backed information without irritating Trump

Washington – It is almost a daily ritual: Donald trump and a series of doctors appear in a hall of the White House to talk about coronavirus and they generate an unusual show in which specialists juggle science-backed information without irritating the president. The result can be a bewildering scene for those trying to figure […]

Corona Virus: Young spring break party animals say, “When I get Corona, I get Corona.”

Thousands of young night owls ignore advice to fight the coronavirus pandemic by flocking to beaches to celebrate spring break. Despite warnings from health chiefs that people should practice “social distancing,” photos show beaches across Florida full of partiers that mark the American vacation. On Monday, President Donald Trump announced new recommendations to curb the […]

The White House is trying to protect Donald Trump, an employee, from viruses

The White House took new measures on Monday to protect President Donald Trump and his staff during the Corona Virus outbreak, including measuring the temperature of everyone entering the complex, including visitors and media representatives. Steps have been expanded to extend Saturday’s White House screening to anyone close to Mr. Trump and Vice President Mike […]

Coronavirus shutdowns spread in the US as the death toll approached 70

If there was one of the knowledge last week, then it seems to be one of the reality. Millions of Americans have already disturbed their daily lives, and millions more are changing due to the rapidly evolving development Corona virus Response from local, state and federal agencies. Several of the largest cities in the U.S. […]

Experts show whether swimming pools are safe from coronavirus

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in your local pool, but the question that many Australians are asking about a global corona virus outbreak is how safe it is. The problem was recently discussed with Dr. Norman Swan addressed the ABCFor him, the best option was to stay away from public swimming pools. […]

The United States is closer to a total closure to contain the coronavirus

Officials across the country on Sunday restricted many aspects of daily life in U.S to combat the coronavirus outbreak, while health authorities recommended groups of at least 50 people refrain from coming together and a government expert said a 14-day national shutdown may be necessary. Governors and mayors have ordered the closure of restaurants, bars […]

Coronavirus: Hilary Duff accuses “Millennial A ** Holes” of “killing old people”

Hilary Duff launched a devastating attack on young people who do not practice self-isolation as the coronavirus threat continues to spread around the world. The 32-year-old actress, who spent time at home with her one-year-old daughter Banks, accused Millennial A ** Holes of killing old people. Hilary recorded her Instagram stories on March 15th and […]