America: Uighurs Forcibly Sterilized in Xinjiang

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said he was surprised to read the latest report regarding the Uighur situation in Xinjing, China. In a report he received from the Washington-based think-tank, the Jamestown Foundation, the Uighurs faced forced abortion and sterilization in Xinjiang by the Chinese Communist Party. “The findings are surprising and terrible,” […]

Coronavirus: Has the death toll in China been minimized?

Containment has loosened a little in Wuhan since March 27, and before the Day of the Dead, which takes place on April 5, residents were allowed to collect the ashes of their loved ones from the eight crematoriums in the city. But images of long queues and stocks of thousands of funeral urns are spreading […]

How viruses broke containment and spread all over the world

Stop the flights. Stop the boats. Close the borders. Why didn’t it all stop that COVID-19 infected the world? COVID-19 has two properties that made containment almost impossible. It takes up to two weeks between the infection and the appearance of symptoms. And for part of that time, ignorant sufferers can be ignorant spreaders. Some […]

Lessons from the corona virus

There is a certain irony in the fact that global stock markets fell the worst when China, the original epicenter of the corona virus, finally seems to have it under control. Beijing now reports fewer new cases every day than the UK. This is an extraordinary fact, even if it is cold consolation in the […]

Why is the leader of China to blame for the outbreak?

The coronavirus marks the biggest challenge for Chinese President Xi Jinping since he took control of the country in 2012. Tens of millions remain in quarantine, economic growth forecasts have been reduced, countries around the world have closed their borders to Chinese arrivals and people are furious with the authoritarian government. The virus has now […]

China leader Xi Jinping knew about virus for weeks

Xi Jinping was aware of the deadly coronavirus much earlier than originally thought, according to a transcript of a private speech he made. The Chinese leader issued orders on fighting the coronavirus on January 7, during a meeting of the country‚Äôs Politburo Standing Committee, almost two weeks before his first public comments on the deadly […]

China “will damage Australia’s economy” if it defies Beijing, warns the US admiral

An American military expert warned that Beijing could harm Australian companies if the government continues to challenge the Chinese Communist Party. The leader of the Indo-Pacific Command of the US Army, Admiral Philip Davidson, told the Lowy Institute in Sydney yesterday that China could use Australia to show its ability to punish economic partners who […]