Katya IOWA shot a new clip

Anastasia Rychkova The singer shared his impressions about the trip to Spain, where the filming process. Iowa. Photo: https://www.instagram.com/katya_iowa/ Singer Katya Ivanchikova published in his Instagram photo, which was made in Spain. The singer and her group went to the home of bullfighting in order to make a new video. Soloist group IOWA noted that […]

Waiting for the thaw: Nick Cave in a loop, partitions of artists and life in bulk

1 – With a land use plan With its pastel colors and its way of taking the player by the hand during the first hour, Before We Leave installment in the often austere world of management video games, “city builder” options (type Sim City, remember!) and “4X” (the Civilization). Especially since he proudly displays his […]

At war with boredom: cartels, kazoo and a boarding school for young girls

With babies interchanged Hasn’t the time come to rediscover the depths of French comedy? Of course, with the viewing of Little Michu, operetta by AndrĂ© Messager composed in 1897 which contains everything a confined person can dream of: twin sisters, an interchange of babies, a rigid soldier, stupid merchants… Presented in a garish pink candy-duck […]

Liberato, the strange Neapolitan – Culture / Next

There is a knock on the door: a messenger hands us a vinyl adorned with a rose taped to the cover. “From a Neapolitan admirer”, he blows before disappearing. We note that the rose is already withered. Perhaps because of the trip from Naples, cradle of the Liberato phenomenon, mysterious singer who since Valentine’s Day […]

The Safdie brothers: “We wanted to make a total thriller”

They are sprawled, one on the sofa, the other on his armchair, in the suite of a Parisian palace, on a cold December afternoon, exhausted by their party night in London the day before, by the tunnel of interviews, by the prospect of what awaits them, by previews, two in New York the next day, […]