Newcastle go for Maxi Gómez

The purchase of Newcastle by the Royal family of Saudi Arabia has been confirmed, making it one of the richest clubs in the world, surpassing even PSG and Manchester City. Among their priority objectives to improve their squad, the Urracas have taken their eye on Valencia forward, Maxi Gómez, whom Peter Lim and Anil Murthy […]

Rüdiger and Chelsea ready to bring positions closer together

Antonio Rüdiger is one of the most sought-after assets on the current football scene and the Chelsea central defender is in his last year of contract. Real Madrid and Bayern are pressing for their part so that the footballer does not close the renewal and thus be able to agree to his signing in January […]

Inter Miami tempts Luka Modric

At 36, Luka Modric is experiencing a second Juventus at Real Madrid. The whites signed the Croatian from Tottenham 9 seasons ago in exchange for € 35M and over time it has proven to be a round operation. Last summer he renewed for one more year with the idea of ​​leaving at the end of […]

Arsenal wants Lingard

Arsenal are looking for an effective team to reinforce the attack on the wings and one of the options they like the most is Jesse Lingard, a footballer who has no place in Solskjaer’s Manchester United. Last season, specifically in January, the winger left on loan from the Red Devils to West Ham, where he […]

Another girlfriend for Koundé in the Premier League

A few hours ago a jug of cold water arrived for Jules Koundé and Chelsea was considering the signing of De Ligt to the detriment of the Sevilla player. But shortly after, a new horizon opens up for the French central defender and also in the Premier League. According to sources close to the footballer’s […]

“A like Augsburg”: These cities should help with spelling

Updated August 16, 2021, 12:51 p.m. The official spelling board is being renovated: Cities will soon replace the previous names such as “Anton” or “Theodor”. It is still a draft: If you want, you can make your own suggestions. You can find more knowledge topics here “Cottbus” instead of “Caesar” and “Iserlohn” instead of “Ida”? […]

▷ Mobility ranking: This city offers the most alternatives to owning a car

Berlin event agency SPREEFREUNDE examines the mobility offer in the 30 largest cities in Germany Most mobile city Berlin offers the largest selection of means of transport with 46 different providers In Chemnitz and Wuppertal there are few alternatives to having your own car Crowded streets and overcrowded means of transport are always an issue […]

The health course

The health course Location Viewing this map requires the activation of javascript in your browser. The development of the health trail was carried out while conserving and protecting areas of natural sansouires. The general spirit of this site is to protect, rehabilitate or even recreate certain environments of the region: extension of zones withoutouires, creation […]