Six-year-old boy is the youngest computer programmer (Video)

Six-year-old Arham Om Talsania was entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest computer programmer, UPI reported. The boy has passed the exam of “Microsoft” for the Python programming language in a certification center of “Pearson View”, BTA reports. “My father taught me to code. I started using tablets when I was two […]

Microsoft founder Bill Gates turns 65: nerd, visionary and philanthropist

Even as a teenager, Bill Gates recognized how computers would one day change the world. With this vision he founded Microsoft and became the richest man in the world. Now he spends most of his money on good causes – and is still attacked. Photo series with 25 pictures Microsoft founder Bill Gates didn’t really […]

Netflix will launch “Assassin’s Creed” live-action series, Ubisoft team will personally perform it

Good news for machine fans? After Netflix announced the launch of the exclusive animated TV series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” (Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness), Netflix recently revealed that it will cooperate with Ubisoft to launch the “Assassin’s Creed” (Assassin’s Creed) live action series! Netflix revealed that it will cooperate with Ubisoft to launch the “Assassin’s […]

Blizzard will not develop StarCraft 2 any further

StarCraft 2 It premiered a decade ago, but despite the passage of time, it still remains a popular game updated by developers. Unfortunately, more support is ended by Blizzard which means that RTS in the future it will not get a major patch bringing new content. However, this does not mean that the studio will […]

They find the manuals for Z4, an old computer used by the Nazis

The oldest preserved digital computer It is in Munich, in the Deutsches Museum of that German city. The 1945 device occupies an entire room and required several people to deliver results. As you notice in the post Vice, the team named Z4 It was not used for a long time and many of its functions […]

Larreta insists on opening schools for students without a computer or Internet

“This time meant an effort for students, teachers and families. Today we can point out that in the City, both in public and private schools, more than 90% of the students managed to maintain a constant bond with their teachers during these 5 months” , contextualized the official. “We know that this in no way […]