SOLID | Tomaselli Gabriel expands management

The two long-standing employees will take on managerial positions at the Walgau construction company with immediate effect and support managing directors Philipp Tomaselli and Barbara Gabriel-Tomaselli. “We want to use the diverse possibilities and opportunities of the market and also be able to react quickly and flexibly outside of day-to-day business. We are able to […]

Civil Engineering Public Company Limited sells IPO shares at 4.60 baht per share

Civil Engineering Public Company Limited sells IPO shares at 4.60 baht per share Date 18 Jan 2022 at 10:22 p.m. Civil Engineering Public Company Limited or CIVIL has set the IPO price at 4.60 baht per share, ready for investors to subscribe from 19-21 Jan. Mr. Piyadit Asawasirisuk, Chief Executive Officer of CIVIL, said that […]

Real estate financing: Two Munich deals for Linus

The listed company Linus Digital Finance reports financing deals for two residential projects in Munich. On the one hand, a first-rate loan of 41 million euros was granted for the conversion of a hospital into a senior citizens’ home in the Bogenhausen district. 53 residential units with around 4400 square meters of living space and […]

In expensive big cities, rents no longer rise

Rental offer in Brandenburg an der Havel The prices for existing apartments in Germany have increased significantly in recent years. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt A limit has long been exceeded for the tenants’ association. “The rent burden in German cities is too high,” complained tenants’ association President Lukas Siebenkotten a few days ago. A new study, […]

Krefeld: Undeclared work in the construction industry – arrest during customs controls

October 26, 2021 at 11:10 a.m. Undeclared work in the construction industry : Customs controls also in Krefeld – an arrest Krefeld customs uncovered organized form of illegal work in the construction industry. (Symbol image) Photo: dpa / Julian Stratenschulte Krefeld The Krefeld customs have uncovered an organized form of undeclared work in the construction […]

A breath of fresh air in the old Hanseatic city

Rostock The Hanseatic city wants to become more modern and be inspired by Scandinavian cities. Rostock Anyone who loves the chic of the Côte d’Azur or the cool atmosphere of Copenhagen will certainly not find what they are looking for in Rostock – but there is also a lively marina and sea air in the […]

Where the purchase is still worthwhile

Who could have expected that a year ago? the demand after houses and apartments in Germany higher than ever – despite the corona crisis and all the associated economic upheavals and uncertainties. Prices and rents continue to rise, the competition for their own four walls is getting tougher for buyers. In any case, that is […]

More and more people are moving to Potsdam

Downtown Potsdam High prices in the “Prussian Sylt”. (Photo: Karl Ovic / Unsplash) Potsdam As the little sister of the federal capital, the people of Potsdam tend to be reluctant to see themselves, let alone want to emulate the Berliners in anything. It is all the more remarkable what is currently happening on the local […]

Rents are rising everywhere – except in Berlin

Frankfurt The experts at the online real estate portal Immowelt do not have good news for many tenants, but they do for landlords: The prices for apartments will rise in most German cities this year, the market observers predict in a current study. “The corona crisis has shown how stable the residential property market is: […]