No More Take Covid-19 Explicit Causes

JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo asked his staff so that no more families would forcibly take the bodies of their family members who had been diagnosed positive for Covid-19. This was conveyed by Jokowi in response to the large number of families who forcibly took the bodies of their family members who had Covid-19 […]

A Bright Cover of the Bank, North Korea’s Human Factors Made Fertilizer for Crop Care

WIKEN.ID – These days North Korean leaders are widely discussed. North Korea’s (North Korea) leader, Kim Jong-un, has disappeared from the public eye, although relations between his country and South Korea are heating up. That made the Japanese speculate about the situation of Kim Jong-un. Apart from that, there are surprising things from North Korea. […]

14 Corpse Suspected Killed Cartels Disposed on the streets of Mexico

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – A total of found 14 corpse found lying on the side of the road in the state of North Zacatecas, Mexico., who allegedly are victims of acts of violence committed by local crime organizations. According to the local government, the location is where criminal gangs operate. Quoted from AFP, pictures in […]

Evil in the Pyrenees – Culture / Next

The valley, Bernard Minier’s latest novel, comes out in bookstores this week. After a getaway to Hong Kong two years ago with M, the edge of the abyss, a futuristic thriller featuring a young computer scientist, a Chinese digital giant and a malicious AI, the author reconnects with his native Pyrenees and his familiar heroes: […]

Coronavirus in Brooklyn, New York: Transporting corpses by forklift! – News abroad

Scary images from New York City: A video is circulating on the Internet that shows how corpses are removed from the “Brooklyn Hospital Center” by forklift. The five-minute clip shows a forklift approaching a refrigerated truck. Then white body bags are lifted over into the truck … New York is considered the US epicenter of […]

Gunfight at the Berlin Tempodrom: One dead and four injured | Regional

Gunfight in the middle of Berlin! A human being was killed in an argument near the Tempodrom. “Four more were injured and medics took care of them,” a fire department spokesman said late Friday night. The area was cordoned off by the police Photo: Spreepicture Three seriously injured people went to hospital for treatment. Other […]