The new 7-seater resort, Nissan X-Terra is here!

Recently, Nissan, which has focused entirely on vacations, has released a new 7-seater work overseas, called X-Terra, which has a strong blood relationship with Terra in the Asian market, and is a product of the same level as Mazda CX-9 and VW Touareg. X-Terra, a brand-new work, will be sold in the Middle East market […]

Hyundai surprises. We offer a new small crossover Bayon

The Hyundai offer will be expanded by a small Bayon crossover. Like larger SUV brands, it uses a geographical name. Hyundai was surprised when it announced that it would offer a completely new crossover in European markets. It will be called Bayon and will be the most affordable model in the brand’s European SUV line, […]

UNUSUAL: a fan merges the Switch with the DualSense

While waiting for the release of the PlayStation 5, which you can read our review, some smart kids had fun combining the DualSense with other consoles. This is the case of KASHAMA who posted on Tik Tok a video of the news DualSense, merged with the hybrid machine of Nintendo. Its publication was picked up […]

The first meeting with the new Opel Mokka. It will be a nice car

Although the new Opel Mokka will lose all-wheel drive, it will acquire a new design style. In addition, the possibility of a purely electric drive. We were able to explore the first pre-production pieces of the new Opel Mokka in Prague | Photo: Radek Pecák Inspired by the legendary Manta model. That’s how Opel people […]