The federal and state governments have agreed on these new rules

When it comes to pandemic rules, Germany is in parts like a patchwork quilt. Now the country leaders, together with the Chancellor, made a new attempt to standardize the rules. That’s what came out of it. The attempt at a new unity turned into a tough struggle. A switching conference between Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) […]

ARD “Germany trend”: Scholz a good candidate for SPD chancellor?

The SPD wants to run next year with Scholz at the top in the federal election. According to a new survey, he has not yet received the approval of his two predecessors Martin Schulz and Peer Steinbrück. According to a survey, 44 percent of the population consider Olaf Scholz to be a good candidate for […]

Geisel justifies tolerance of the Iraqi highway attacker

NAfter the allegedly Islamist-motivated attack on the Berlin city motorway, Senator for the Interior Andreas Geisel justified the tolerance of the perpetrator in Germany with the rules of the rule of law. The 30-year-old Iraqi was not deported after his asylum application was rejected in 2017 because Germany has not sent people back to the […]

Bavaria warns Thuringia of corona easing

BAyern’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) has described the announcement of far-reaching general easing of the corona restrictions in Thuringia as a “fatal signal”. He asked those responsible in Thuringia to reconsider the intention, said Söder on Monday on the sidelines of a visit to a kindergarten in Nuremberg. Before that, the head of the […]

Germany tact: where train journeys are getting faster

VMinister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU) had asked for agreement for his big rail summit. 28 companies and associations had worked on a so-called master plan for future train traffic in Germany for almost two years. It cannot be said that the “rail alliance of the future” has set itself small goals: the number of […]

Bavaria announces corona tests for everyone

In In future, everyone should be able to get tested for the coronavirus in Bavaria – regardless of whether they have symptoms. The tests are to be “massively” expanded, as Health Minister Melanie Huml (CSU) said in Munich on Sunday. She announced a “Corona test offensive”: “All citizens of Bavaria will therefore be promptly offered […]

Car tolls for all of Europe are immediately reduced

According to Andreas Scheuer, there will soon be a nationwide car toll in Europe. This provides for a new EU toll directive. Now, however, the Ministry of the Environment has immediately crushed the plans. Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer wants to pave the way for an almost nationwide car toll in Germany and Europe with the […]

Eastern countries oppose Angela Merkel’s strategy

The federal and state governments are debating a possible exit ban from corona hotspots. The Chancellor is in favor of it. However, in some countries this approach is deemed unrealistic. The chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) endorsed exit restrictions for regions with an acute corona outbreak meet with resistance in the countries. Saxony-Anhalt’s Prime Minister Reiner […]

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After long back and forth in the grand coalition, the Bundestag decided on the basic pension. But what does it mean for pensioners? The most important points of the law at a glance. The Bundestag has decided on the basic pension. It is intended to “strengthen trust in the basic promise of the welfare state […]

Comment: The basic pension is disruptive

MThe basic coalition affords the grand coalition another prank of particular relevance to pension policy. In order to gauge the scale of the reform that raises more than a million small pensions above social assistance, today’s estimated costs are not a good guide. Compared to the double-digit billions of euros spent on increasing pensions for […]