Kovanda: Food around the world is already getting cheaper. Not yet to the Czechs

Food around the world is already becoming cheaper, but Czech sellers often cut their prices even further instead. Czechs should be careful when shopping in the store and not buy food at any price, says economist Lukáš Kovanda. Global food prices appear to be falling this month for the first time in more than two […]

Finances: Lindner can take a deep breath: the debt brake holds despite the loans

An 18-hour marathon session until the early morning – the householders rarely needed that long. The budget for 2023 is now sealed – with a debt brake. Christian Lindner carried it before him like the Holy Grail: In the first federal budget, for which he is solely responsible as Minister of Finance, the debt […]

Consumer pessimism is peaking. The Czechia is heading into recession

Even during October, the deterioration of the confidence of Czech entrepreneurs and consumers continued. For consumers, the indicator surpassed its historically lowest level for the third time in a row. Respondents are still significantly worried about the worsening of the overall economic and financial situation. The numbers, according to analysts, confirm the worsening condition of […]

“Mother of Bavaria”: Ex-President of the State Parliament Barbara Stamm is dead

“Mother of Bavaria” Ex-President Barbara Stamm is dead 10/05/2022 10:39 am The former president of the state parliament and deputy prime minister of Bavaria, Barbara Stamm, is dead. The politician, who was considered the “social conscience” of Bavaria and the CSU, died in Würzburg after a long illness. The former Bavarian state parliament president Barbara […]

Bavaria: Minister of Health Holetschek: “There will be no more lockdowns”

The corona incidence is increasing, but Bavaria is not changing anything for the time being. Health Minister Klaus Holetschek (CSU) explains what the plan is and what he sees as the greatest danger. Herr Holetschekthe new one will apply from Saturday German Infection Protection Act. The corona incidence is rising sharply again. But Bavaria […]

Education: Piazolo: “solid teaching provision” at the start of the school year

Solid situation or crisis mode? At the start of the new school year, the assessments of the state government, opposition and associations are very different. But no one knows what the coming months will bring. bavaria Minister of Education Michael Piazolo (Free voters) sees the supply of teachers and lessons at the start of […]

Munich: Olympic assassination attempt in 1972: Herrmann admits massive mistakes

Monday marks the 50th anniversary of the attack on the Summer Olympics in Munich. Bavaria’s Interior Minister speaks of serious omissions in the police operation. bavaria Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) has admitted serious failures in police action during the attack on the 1972 Summer Olympics. “Huge mistakes were made back then,” Herrmann said […]

Bavarian Book Prize: honorary award for Sir Christopher Clark

Dhe Honorary Award of the Bavarian Book Prize 2022 goes to Sir Christopher Clark. As an excellent historian, he writes brilliantly and extremely well-founded, especially about German history, Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) praised on Thursday. «Sir Christopher Clark tells history very vividly and vividly, as a reader one almost sticks to his books.» In […]

Özdemir ready to talk on suspension of set-aside

MÜNCHEN “When it comes to energy, we saw how bad it is to be open to blackmail,” Kaniber said of the feared stop in Russian gas supplies. Europe needs raw material security in all areas, including forestry and agriculture. The two politicians met at a panel discussion at the opening of the “Interforst” trade fair. […]