A field visit by the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense to Derna

Libya News 24 The Chief of Staff of the Security Units of the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Khaled Haftar, and the Head of the Supreme Security Emergency Chamber, Major General Abdel Basset Abu Gries, accompanied by the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense, Yunus Bek Yevkirov, conducted a field tour to the cities of Jabal Al […]

Deputy Narmatova criticized partner childbirth. The Ministry of Health replied that they have not been conducting them since the pandemic

Health Minister Alymkadyr Beishenaliev said that he had banned partner births in state maternity hospitals, answering a question from deputy Nadira Narmatova. According to her, men should not be allowed into the delivery room during childbirth – this is prohibited among both Muslims and Christians. She claims that partner childbirth was popularized by “all sorts […]

Bishkek City Court left deputy Madumarov in custody

On September 13, the Bishkek City Court upheld the decision of the Pervomaisky District Court regarding deputy Adakhan Madumarov. This was reported by the press service of the court. The decision of the city court means that Madumarov will remain in the pre-trial detention center of the State Committee for National Security until October 24. […]

The deputy was not allowed to visit Mkhitar Galeyan’s father in the prison

General Grigory Khachaturov has been in prison for about 6 months. During this period, the law enforcement officers told what kind of fairy tale, the government propagandists said what kind of stupidity, but there is nothing underneath, wrote Tigran Abrahamyan, the secretary of the NA “I have honor” faction on his Facebook page. “Today, I […]

Martine Aubry absent for health reasons

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted 6 hours ago, Updated 2 hours ago The mayor of Lille Martine Aubry. SAMEER AL-DOUMY / AFP The PS mayor of the capital of Flanders has a habit of wandering the streets of the city center for this major event of the year. Martine Aubry breaks a ritual. She […]

LIVE results of Tucumán: how the 2023 elections are going

17:48 hs He went to vote and was left as table president: “They did not give me any training” Going to vote very early in the morning, when the schools have just opened their doors, is usually a choice that many citizens make to leave early. But sometimes it can cause a headache. That happened […]

Deputy Farkhodbek Alimjanov’s trial was scheduled for August

The next court hearing regarding the removal of the mandate of Farkhodbek Alimzhanov, deputy of the “Alliance” faction of the Jogorku Kenesh, will be held on August 4. This was reported to “Azattyk” by the press service of the Bishkek City Court. In the previous process, the preliminary hearing on Alimzhanov’s application has ended, and […]

after the death of Nahel, the confidence of the French in the police remains good

By Eloise Cimbidhi Published on 06/30/2023 at 18:06, Updated on 06/30/2023 at 19:25 Élisabeth Borne, Emmanuel Macron and Gérald Darmanin during the interministerial crisis unit this Friday, June 30. YVES HERMAN / REUTERS SURVEY – According to an Ifop survey for Le Figaro, 57% of French people trust or sympathize with the police. The death […]