On video | Maduro tried to blow out his birthday candle with a mask

The Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro celebrated his 58th birthday with an impressive party at the Miraflores Palace which was attended by several international artists, and which was the subject of numerous criticisms by personalities and citizens on social networks. Artists like Bonny Cepeda, Omar Enrique, Luis Lozada, Cristóbal Jiménez, Armando Martínez and a group of […]

Gérald Darmanin in a zone of turbulence

Reserved for subscribers STORY – In an eruptive context, the controversy aroused by the will of the Minister of the Interior to supervise the dissemination of images of the police as part of the text on “global security” could leave traces. By Mathilde Siraud Posted the 11/25/2020 at 8:30 p.m., Update yesterday at 19:09 Gérald […]

KGB of Belarus indicted Babariko :: Politics :: RBK

Viktor Babariko (Photo: Natalia Fedosenko / TASS) The State Security Committee of Belarus (KGB) has indicted the former chairman of the board of Belgazprombank Viktor Babariko of accepting bribes by an organized group on an especially large scale and legalizing funds obtained by criminal means (part 3 of article 430 and part 2 of article […]

How much would Máximo Kirchner pay for the wealth tax – News

According to AFIP, around 9,000 contributors will be reached by the tax promoted by Kirchnerism (approval still remains in the Senate), among them the leader of The Campora, which has declared in the Anti-Corruption Office 292 million pesos. Those who have assets of 200 million pesos must pay 2%. This rate rises to 2.25% for […]

“violent” intrusion of demonstrators during the municipal council

Several dozen demonstrators “violently” burst Thursday evening into a meeting of the Saint-Denis municipal council and “physically” attacked several elected officials, said the town hall, which intends to file a complaint. Through Le Figaro with AFP Several dozen demonstrators made “violently“Intrusion Thursday evening in a meeting of the municipal council of Saint-Denis and attacked”physically“Several elected, […]

Federal deputy number 70, Pilar Lozano, is infected with Covid

Tonight, MC’s federal deputy, Pilar Lozano Mac Donald, reported that he was infected with Covid-19 and they are 70 federal deputies those who have been infected with this virus since the pandemic began in our country. In a message through her social networks, the president of the San Lázaro Metropolitan Development Commission explained that she […]

photo, video – news of Ukraine – UNIAN

The identity of the man who threatened and swore has not yet been established. According to the media and social networks, one of the participants in the conflict in the minibus of Slavyansk, Donetsk region, which occurred because of the Ukrainian language, turned out to be a candidate for the city council from Nash Kray […]