In Le Havre, the left stands up to counter Edouard Philippe

The problem with family reunions is that they are often too rare: either the opportunities are lacking or annoyances prevent everyone from being together in the photo. But on Wednesday in Le Havre, the head of the list of the left, Jean-Paul Lecoq, who came from the PCF had a golden excuse to gather his […]

Professional certificates: What for? – News Portal Process

MEXICO CITY (apro) .- The media campaign against colleague and fellow page John Ackerman has put the issue of professional certificates on the agenda for public discussion. There is more confusion than certainties about this legal figure, even in the legal community, which is why it is worth clarifying its essential aspects. Let’s see. First. […]

Congressman Carlos Selva has a coronavirus: he is the fifth – News

The deputy of the Front of All Carlos Selva confirmed that coronavirus was infected and in this way there are five legislators to test positive for Covid-19. “I want to tell you that in the last hours I tested positive for COVID 19. I am asymptomatic. I attended the session last Thursday, complying with all […]

The deputy of the City Duma Elena Deryagina died in Yekaterinburg :: Society :: RBC

Elena Deryagina (Photo: In Yekaterinburg, the deputy of the City Duma Elena Deryagina died, according to the website of the local parliament. She was a member of the Standing Committee on the Development of Education, Science, Physical Education, Sports and Youth Policy, as well as the Standing Committee on Budget and Economic Policy. The […]

Carlos Selva of the Frente de Todos, fifth national deputy with coronavirus I want to tell you that in the last hours I tested positive for COVID 19. I am asymptomatic. I attended the session last Thursday following all the protocols.I am at home, resting and accompanied by my family. I ask you to take care of yourselves. Together we will overcome this. – Carlos Selva […]

Congress: another deputy tested positive for coronavirus

The Secretary General of the UCR block, 65, had participated in the face-to-face session last Thursday, after which the positive of the PRO deputy was also confirmed, Julio Sahad. Bazze is symptomatic and performing protocol isolation at home. I am very grateful to all those who have worried about my health. I am fine, […]

Another deputy of Together for Change with coronavirus: Miguel Bazze

Miguel Bazze Miguel Bazze, who was part of the Deputies’ face-to-face sessions, has coronavirus The case of Miguel Bazze is added to that of the macrista Julio Sahad, detected on his return to La Rioja on Monday after having also been in the session, and to those of the ruling party Walter Correa and Federico […]