The German “balance police” is about to end

Düsseldorf On July 3, 2015, the then Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) put warm words into a speech. He spoke on the tenth anniversary of the German Audit Office (DPR), which is often referred to as the German “accounting police”. It is your job to take a close look at the company’s annual […]

Battles only started (

Cut meat in the slaughterhouse: working conditions remain controversial. Photo: dpa / Arno Burgi The federal government agreed on Wednesday to ban work contracts and agency work in the meat industry. Specifically, from 1 January 2021, slaughtering and cutting in the large meat factories should only be possible for employees. This is to ensure that […]

Salvation’s basic pension is still on the brink

The MPs from the CDU and CSU see a number of unanswered questions regarding the new social benefit, which is supposed to improve long-term low-wages in old age. You criticize: In the current form, the basic pension can neither be technically implemented nor paid. In view of the impending budget gaps in the corona crisis, […]

DGB calls for binding regulations on working time recording

Berlin The corona virus has changed the world of work. Whoever can, sits in the home office and uses the possibilities of flexible working hours to reconcile family and work in the crisis as well as possible. But many workers are also noticing how work and leisure time are becoming increasingly blurred. Working hours should […]

Whether the minimum wage helps against poverty

DGB chairman: Reiner Hoffmann sees the time for a noticeable increase in minimum wages. Picture: Getty The lower wages do little to help against poverty, a new analysis by the Institute of German Economy shows. The unions still want to increase them significantly in the crisis. Dhe labor market is slipping into a crisis. However, […]

What the DGB has planned for May 1, 2020

“Participation in the upswing” is over: In future, DGB chief Reiner Hoffmann will be concerned with decoupling employees and recipients of social benefits from the downturn. Picture: dpa Large-scale rally with a festival character: This is how the top trade unionist otherwise denies May 1st. This time, Reiner Hoffmann is only available online. He still […]

No reason to celebrate – how Corona is affecting unions

Berlin May 1st will be different this year than in all the years before since the founding of the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB) in 1949. No banners and flags on the streets, no rallies in the cities, no combative speeches by the union bosses from the big stages. A virus that is forcing the […]

Four million short-time employees already (

The proportion of short-time work is particularly high in the hotel and hospitality industry. Photo: dpa / Jens Kalaene Dusseldorf. According to calculations by the Hans Böckler Foundation, which is close to the union, around four million employees in Germany are now affected by short-time work due to the corona crisis. The Foundation’s Economic and […]

Short-time work: Employment agency fears billions in reserves

Berlin This Wednesday, the SPD leadership in the coalition committee wants to increase the short-time allowance to 80 percent. The current regulation puts considerable pressure on the finances of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). If there were 2.6 million short-time workers on average this year and eight million at peak times, the reserve of just […]

“Further aid measures for the economy are not excluded”

KHead of Department Helge Braun (CDU) does not rule out an increase in government aid to cope with the Corona crisis. “We take a close look at our aid programs,” said Braun of the “Rheinische Post” and Bonn’s “General-Anzeiger”. Many industries and businesses were hit hard by the Corona crisis. For the Bundestag session week […]