The Gaztedi will continue one more year in the Division of Honor B

The players from Vitoria celebrate the promotion of last year in Vigo. / B. S. The Federation decrees the suspension of the rugby league and avoids the team from Vitoria having to play the permanence on the last day E. C. Saturday, May 2 2020, 12:40 AM Esconsu Gaztedi will continue one more season in […]

Irefrank Elche are on track for the first division promotion play-off

The Irefrank Elche CF of indoor football will dispute the promotion to promotion to First Division except hecatomb. The franjiverdes after their victory (6-5) last Saturday against the Moncayo Colo Colo Zaragoza tiles and in the absence of eight days to finish the regular league in the Second Division, they have an eight point advantage […]

European Union. Four Member States want compulsory distribution of applicants

France, Germany, Italy and Spain have launched a joint initiative to try to unlock a difficult reform of the asylum system in the European Union (EU), pleading for a compulsory distribution of asylum seekers between states with possible exceptions. The interior ministers of the four member states – two of the countries of first arrival […]

Division in Johnson’s Cabinet over decision to extend confinement

Ivannia Salazar London correspondent Updated:04/13/2020 14:00 save Related news He British Prime Minister Boris Johnson left London’s St. Thomas Hospital yesterday after a week in hospital. Johnson tested positive for coronavirus on March 27, but ten days later he was still symptomatic and had to be hospitalized, and was even transferred to intensive care. It […]

CPD Officer Not Fired About Shooting McDonald’s Laquan, says Lawyer – NBC Chicago

An attorney for a Chicago police officer said his client had not intentionally about how he saw the lethal shooting at Laquan McDonald 2014 by Jason Van Dyke. The Chicago Policing Board Ricardo Viramontes and three other officers were released last year due to statements made by an investigation detective or police reports. The statements […]

Bukele “abides by the order” not to use the military again in El Salvador | International

The Salvadoran president, Nayib Bukele, partially admitted his mistake by accepting the indication of the Constitutional Court that asked him to “refrain from using the Armed Forces in activities contrary to constitutional purposes.” Although he said that the decision of the Court could hinder the work of his Government, the communiqué “complying with the order” […]