Safe lithium-ion batteries developed without loss of capacity

A new anode should make it possible to significantly improve the safety of lithium-ion batteries without reducing the energy density. This can represent a significant gain, especially for the electricity storage in electric cars. There is currently no way around lithium-ion batteries if a lot of energy is to be stored in a small space. […]

BMW opens factory for 500,000 electric drives in Dingolfing every year

In Dingolfing, Lower Bavaria, BMW boss Oliver Zipse opened the new battery and electric motor factory on Thursday (July 2, 2020) and announced: “As early as 2022, in Dingolfing alone, we will be producing electric drives for over half a million electrified vehicles per year can.” The number of employees has increased from 600 to […]

How to save battery on your iPhone

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:05/21/2020 01:55 a.m. save Related news Although a lot of progress has been made in recent years and any mobile that does not have at least 3,500 mAh seems outdated, battery life is still one of the great challenges of mobile phone manufacturers. Zeroing in is not a tasteful dish. Because, in […]

A political song is stirring Poland up

Under pressure: Kaczynski during a parliamentary debate in Warsaw in mid-May. Picture: EPA “Your pain is better than mine,” sings Kazik Staszewski, one of the most successful pop musicians in Poland – criticizing PiS chairman Kaczynski. How a song sparked political turmoil. EIn simple song, performed in the style of Warsaw pre-war street chapels for […]

Phil May, chic chaos – Culture / Next

Disappeared Friday at age 75 in Norfolk following a bicycle accident, Phil May, the leader and singer of Pretty Things, appeared for a time in the repertoire of David Bowie: not to the letter M but to the letter G , for “God”, that is to say God. Bowie may have understood something from Philip […]

Legendary drummer Tony Allen, one of the creators of Afrobeat, dies

The legendary Nigerian drummer and songwriter Tony Allen, one of the creators of the afrobeat style, died in Paris at the age of 79, his representative, Eric Trosset, reported today. Goodbye Tony! Your eyes saw what most couldn’t see. You are the coolest person on Earth. As you used to say, ‘there is no end’, […]

Porridge Radio’s haunted mantras

On March 27 were praised in these columns the merits of the first album of the Londoners of Sorry, carried by the young Asha Lorenz, distant cousin of the PJ Harvey of the beginnings. The news offers us another excellent album of English female rock, on which also hangs the shadow of the singer of […]

Fiona Apple, the DIY arena

Sure Fetch the Bolt Cutters (“Bring back the bolt cutters”), composed in the interior of her house, Fiona Apple borrows little from outside. But this title quote came from elsewhere and opens all doors. This is a sentence from an episode of the police series The fall, pronounced by the investigator played by Gillian Anderson […]

Rolling Stones drummer stole One World show – News story

The Rolling Stones offered a show as part of “One World: Together at Home” and their show caught the attention of viewers who noted that legendary drummer Charlie Watts “played” without his instrument. The musician banged his canes in the air while Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood performed their guitars on the song […]