The world sympathizes with Meghan, but… From the Queen’s reaction freezes!

Prince Harry’s wife, 36, gave a painful testimony in the New York Times about her miscarriage in July this year. While the couple’s fans have included their social network with an avalanche of compassionate and supportive comments, the behavior of the rest of the royal family is a bit goosebumps. The only one who responded […]

Duchess Meghan through the eyes of an expert: Mentally unbalanced and addictive!

“Pregnancy has caused mood swings,” he explains. it would threaten her, she would attack. It’s a maternal instinct. “ As for drugs, Meghan never used them, but her father and the rest of the family did. “Drug addiction is circulating in genes,” Dr. Kuriansky continues, “and it may happen that even someone who has never […]

Harry and the Duchess Meghan will have a second child: the Prince wishes she was a girl

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor grows like water. In November, his mother, Meghan Markle, revealed that he had two teeth and began to crawl. In March, she revealed that he had already started walking. At the beginning of June, further progress came – Prince Harry’s little son, who celebrated his first birthday in May, began saying the first […]

Kate under fire of disgusting insults! Meghan’s shocking reaction

The couple from Sussex recently publicly thanked the fan who, thanks to fundraising, managed to raise 1.3 million crowns. But behind the nice intention, there is also a lot of dirt. Although, according to some, Meghan and Harry had no idea, other evil linguists claimed to know well which one was “beating.” Rock fan Meghan […]

Meghan tripped the Duchess of Kate: She collapsed!

Now quarantine is everywhere, and a looser regimen due to the coronavirus crisis, but when it’s over, Kate can be expected not to see her children so often. She would never have thought that such a thing could happen to her, but there was no one to do it for her. Meghan and Harry announced […]

Prince Harry – Begs to stop hatred

Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (39) have in recent years taken a hard line against what they believe is unfair treatment of themselves – especially to British royals to be. Now Prince Harry is urging businesses to demand change from social media players in order to get rid of hatred and division online. In […]

Is a fairy life ending? Duchess Kate’s nightmare is back

While her rival Meghan (39) is constantly grumbling about how difficult it has been for her to enter the royal family, how the media is attacking her and no one will stop her, she does not realize that Kate also experienced a difficult moment at first in the monarchy. However, the queen herself was able […]