It contains 25 times more protein than meat!

Protein is very important for our body resistance and muscle development. When it comes to protein, the first thing that comes to mind is red meat. However, vegans and those who are bored with meat are looking for alternatives to search for high-protein foods. The favorite of those who eat healthy, quinoa comes to the […]

Novels and shoes, quite a story

After the woolen cloth, silk and leather that made his fortune, luxury footwear brought Romans into the world of fashion in the 20th century… Big names like Charles Jourdan, Stéphane Kélian or even Clergerie have given it its letters of nobility. Let’s retrace this mythical story by taking advantage of the monumental shoes installed in […]

ANME-SNPM. Good news for the driving forces of private radio and television

Following the example of the decisions taken in favor of journalists and employees of the written and online press, the ANME and the SNPM announced in a joint press release an increase of 2000 DH, staggered over two years, in favor of journalists of radio and private televisions. Their employed colleagues will receive an increase […]

The human identity in question. New issues and new technologies in human paleontology and biological paleoanthropology ANDRIEUX P., HADJOUIS D., DAMBRICOURT A. (dir.)

Research advanced search Exhaust The theme of this symposium revolves around the high percentage of growth disharmonies, dental malocclusions, the various vertebral conditions, whether or not related to cranio-facial asymmetries, the architectures of the skull and the face both during evolution and development. The various contributions take stock of the very latest techniques used in […]

Live from the universe: Successful and appreciated return for this singer

Rewrite this content BY S. DUPUIS It’s one of Quebecers’ favorite programs and every Saturday it is very popular. Yesterday she had a great success again! Viewers are unanimous, they loved the show dedicated to Denis Lévesque. Whether on the performance of his daughters, Myriam and Andréanne, that of his wife Pascale Wilhelmy or that […]