Dragados presents an ERTE for infrastructure maintenance workers in Madrid | Companies

Dragados has presented an ERTE for the workers of the maintenance service of public roads and infrastructures in Madrid, as reported by the UGT in a statement. Last Wednesday, April 29, the company notified the legal representatives of the workers of the start of a procedure to suspend contracts for productive and organizational causes related […]

The network rated the all-terrain vehicle ZIL-49061 “Blue Bird”

A unique Russian all-terrain vehicle called “Blue Bird”, released in the amount of 24 pieces. This car is a 1985 model year, which is in excellent technical condition. Sealed fiberglass body on an aluminum frame. The machine consists of a crew cabin and a separate cabin with 7 seats and a fiberglass hood. Inside the […]

Material Older Than Earth Found Inside Meteorite | Science

On September 28, 1969, a large fireball in the sky could be seen in Victoria, southeast Australia, which divided into three fragments before disappearing. Soon after, an impact was felt. It was the Murchison meteorite, from which up to 100 kilos of material were recovered. Since then, organic compounds and sugars have been found in […]

Is it safe that dark matter exists? | Science

There is evidence of the existence of dark matter for quite some time. The first time we had any idea that there was something else we did not see was in the 1920s and 1930s. But the clearest proof came with studies by the American astrophysicist Vera Rubin on the movements of spiral galaxies, which […]

The great farce of the “hive floors” | Madrid

Marc Olivé answers the phone and the first thing he hears is his voice in a fight with the waiter. The man who shouts asking not to touch his nose is the same spiky character, with glasses and a beard, who has appeared hundreds of times on televisions, radios and newspapers around the world saying […]

There is an insane veganism (and it is increasingly common) | Good Life

In the search for balance between Health, convenience and sustainability, many citizens have found an excellent accommodation in precooked vegans (unquestionably more friendly to the planet, according to the popular imaginary), designed to make this diet more tasty, sophisticated and varied – and even identical in name, taste and texture to the carnivorous menu, not […]