Nagorno-Karabakh: Negotiations between the separatists and Azerbaijan have, in fact, taken the form of a capitulation

Negotiations for the reintegration of Nagorno-Karabakh province, inhabited by a majority Armenian population, with Azerbaijan continue, international press agencies announced on Sunday. Starting last Thursday, leaders of the secessionist enclave and Azerbaijan met in the Azeri city of Yevlah. It was held with the stated aim of reintegrating Karabakh under Azeri jurisdiction after two days […]

In fact, nothing new happened. once again they want to destroy our state. CP member

“Actually, nothing new has happened. once again they want to destroy our state, Gevorg Papoyan, deputy of the RA NA “Civil Agreement” faction, wrote about this. “The method is also not unusual: external and internal forces simultaneously attack our statehood. It is not necessary to invent a bicycle for the solution. You simply should not […]

“Fact”. Why is the daughter of the minister of KGMS studying in Germany? Does it mean no confidence in our country’s education system?

“Past” newspaper writes. “From time to time, conversations become heated regarding the family members of this or that politician, particularly their children, who are studying abroad. Studying abroad in itself cannot be condemned, especially if those who study “abroad” ultimately put their knowledge at the service of the development of our country. Nevertheless, there is […]

With these tips, even novice drivers can save on insurance

Normally, car insurance for novice drivers is extremely expensive. With these legal tricks, it becomes cheaper. Novice drivers mean an increased risk of accidents If you just got your driver’s license, you’re not exactly attractive for car insurance. After all, novice drivers are not yet particularly safe on the road, and the risk of accidents […]

“Does the fact of being handicapped reduce the will to live? »

“Does the fact of being handicapped reduce the will to live? » August 4, 2023 Jean Stanislas Ellang, President of the Organization of Disabled People (OPH), Representing Associations and Organizations of Disabled People, during the opening of the workshop for contributing to a national disability policy on Thursday August 3, 2023, is questioned in his […]

Why Artificial Intelligence Fact Checking Can Be More Effective Than Humans

With artificial intelligence (AI) emerging as the subject of article writing, a study has found that AI’s fact-checking can mitigate people’s confirmation bias (the tendency to confirm preexisting thoughts or beliefs). It is said that there is less backlash from the audience when AI fact-checks than those who can intervene with the political inclination of […]

“Fact”. Yerevan elections are still three months away, but several candidates are already campaigning intensively

“Past” newspaper writes. “Although the Yerevan Council of Elders elections are about three months away, and, of course, the official campaign has not yet started, nevertheless, several candidates are already conducting intensive campaigns. Furthermore, there are reports that PR groups and headquarters have begun renting space. Moreover, yesterday it turned out that the chief of […]