Macron launches to conquer the rural vote

It is not the first time that Emmanuel Macron inaugurates the Hall of Agriculture, an indispensable appointment for the French political scene. But it is the first time he enters this fair decorated, for the occasion, with portraits of one of his predecessors: Jacques Chirac, who died in 2019 and whom the organizers of the […]

The Extremadura countryside bumps into the riot police again

Charges against Merida protesters in front of the Board for throwing security fences. More than 700 tractors flood Murcia, Guadalajara and Tarragona The images of Don Benito’s charges return as a «déjà vú». In Merida they have lived today episodes of tension between riot police and agricultural protesters, which left at least one injured. The […]

6,745 million less in EU aid

The European Council proposal will reduce the CAP by 925 million annually until 2027. Today negotiations begin. COAG requires Sánchez to leave this agreement The European Union is ready to tighten the ciunturon after the United Kingdom’s departure from community discipline. That is why it has begun to cut budgets and aid for the next […]

Farmers block the center of Granada

A group of some 300 protesters have deviated from the itinerary of the tractorate convened by agrarian and livestock organizations in protest of the crisis in the primary sector and has cut traffic on Camino de Ronda at the height of Pickups, in the center of Granada capital and near the point of the ring […]

The field keeps its pulse against low prices

The field keeps the pulse against the low prices at which they sell their products. Thousands of farmers – 19,000 according to the organizers and 5,200 according to the Government Delegation – showed the satiety of the Extremadura countryside with cuts on 12 roads in the community for several hours yesterday. A scene that was […]

Farmers collapse Extremadura roads

They cut several roads, including several highways, to protest the low prices of the countryside The Extremadura farmers have started at ten o’clock this Tuesday to cut some roads, including several highways, within the day of protests convened by several organizations of the field for low prices, among other claims. Several hundred farmers have cut […]