Top 10 highest rated movies on Netflix

Little by little, Netflix is ​​incorporating more and more original content with a great cinematographic quality. The catalog of movies and series on this great platform continues to grow day by day and it is becoming more and more difficult to choose what to watch among the entire offer that Netflix available, that’s why today […]

The author of the parody How to kill her husband sentenced for spousal murder

A US court in Oregon has found romance writer Nancy Crampton Brophy guilty of killing her husband. Reality has surpassed fiction. In 2011, Nancy Crampton-Brophy published on her blog a pungent essay soberly titled How to kill her husband. Devoted to the art and the way of getting rid of a spouse without being worried […]

Austin Butler and his best movies (must see)

Austin Butler is no rookie, he has a long list of film and television credits (including the series The Shannara Chronicles and the upcoming Masters of the Air miniseries), but now the world is paying a lot more attention to it, thanks to director Baz Luhrmann He chose him to become the protagonist of a […]

Hollywood Academy renews leadership after dramatic years at the Oscars

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Hollywood named Bill Kramer as its new CEO this Tuesday, ending with eleven tumultuous years under the direction of Dawn Hudson in which they occurred controversies like the signs for the fHigh diversity among nominees and the infamous slap of Will Smith. Hudson had announced his plans […]

an association wants to give a facelift to lyrical art

Fabrique Opéra, based in Grenoble, involves 400 to 500 students in opera projects in order to fight against the aging of the public. How to prevent opera, with a minority and rather elderly audience, from declining in France? The Fabrique Opéra association has set itself the task of giving it a facelift by bringing in […]

On the series front, the revolution from Eastern Europe

DECRYPTION – Making a breakthrough in festivals, productions from the Balkans, Poland, Hungary are essential on our screens even if the war in Ukraine upsets the situation. From Séries Mania to Canneséries via the autumnal Geneva festival, fiction from Eastern Europe and the Balkans conquers programming and prizes. This is like the awards given to […]

Best LGBTQ Movies Awarded

PHOTO BY: Photo 12 / Alamy Stock Photo 6. XXY (2007) In the filmography of Argentine director Lucía Puenzo (daughter of Luis, director of The official story) frequently appears a fascination towards the transformation of bodies. In this groundbreaking film—unsettling, elusive, melancholic—Alex is a 15-year-old intersex person whose parents decide to move to a beach […]