3 movies to CRY on Netflix that will break the heart of Capricorns

If you’re Capricorn and you find yourself looking for your next movie for an afternoon of many tears, Netflix has the perfect options to squeeze your heart, these sad stories being the ones that will lead you to experience pain, joy and hope with each of its protagonists, making it clear that, although sometimes you […]

UC Film Festival has a successful return to face-to-face

Rewrite this content Little or nothing was said in Chile about tapes like EOthe Polish production recently nominated for Best International Film for the Oscars 2023. In fact, the only opportunity to see this story of a donkey’s journey and misunderstandings in Europe occurred this Monday, January 23, thanks to the premiere of this film […]

How Netflix prepares to “cut” password sharing in the coming months

Rewrite this content Limits on Netflix’s password sharing began to be addressed last year after the company’s stock reported its first drop in subscribers in more than a decade. Netflix password sharing as we know it has its days numbered. The ‘streaming’ platform will begin to impose limits on this practice in the first quarter […]

Movies to cry: these are the options you find on Netflix

Rewrite this content Extraordinary He was always educated at home, but now this boy will attend a mainstream school, where he will try to find friends while He puts up with bullying because of his facial features. The film stars Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. The impossible This captivating drama chronicles the chaos […]

The best cinema at the best price

Rewrite this content Synopsis: Don Lockwood, the silent movie star, has it all: fame, money, success, love… Well, he’s dating another silent movie star, Lina Lamont. Both are the fashionable couple in Hollywood. However, with the advent of talkies that success will change quickly, the producers want to introduce sound into the film that Don […]

comparison of streaming platforms (VOD)

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Canal+ and Apple TV+: which streaming platform to choose? With a comparison of the prices and services of the main VOD players, here is a brief overview. Comparison of video streaming platforms: Platform Netflix Amazon Prime Disney+ Canal+ Apple TV+ Prix CHF 11.90 to CHF 24.90 per month 5.99 EUR […]

Kevin Costner: The 5 best roles of the actor and a bonus track

Rewrite this content Born in Lynwood, Californiaa day like today (January 18) but from 1955American director, screenwriter and actor Kevin Costner he enjoys the success that his stellar role in the television series ‘Yellowstone’ gives him today; with everything, she has already won two Oscars and three Golden Globesamong other recognitions of different consideration, for […]

Cinemas will sell tickets for 6 soles this Monday 16, Tuesday 17 and Wednesday 18 nationwide | when and where to buy tickets | Cinemark, Cineplanet and Cinépolis | Film festival 2022 Peru | Cinema and series

Main cinemas in Peru, including Cineplanet, Cinemark and Cinépolis, will join the 2023 Film Festival, one of the most important events for movie lovers. Once again, fans cannot be more excited for the offers that this entails, since tickets will be sold for only S/6 nationwide. As is usual, the offer will be available in […]