milk, oil, preserves and legumes are urgently needed

The great pickup of the Food Bank, which is developed at the national level, also begins today in Ourense. During the weekend, non-perishable physical products can be donated in practically any supermarket. Monetary donations can also be made at the checkout lines, which will translate into food purchases. After the campaign with the highest volume […]

There will be big sales before Christmas, it’s worth waiting and watching

New consumer research from Oracle Retail has revealed that price will be the most important factor this holiday season as European shoppers become increasingly concerned about increased prices and tighter budgets. 77 percent of consumers plan to shop early – or have already done so – to be sure to get the product they want […]

There is already a Christmas tree on the Old Town Square

The city police had to have more than 10 cars towed from Pařížská Street, whose drivers parked in the street despite the prohibition signs and leaflets behind the wipers warning them about the passage of excessive loads. The spruce is 58 years old and had to be cut down for safety reasons. The tree’s journey […]

Danish crown prince family spends Christmas in Australia

For the first time in five years, Danish Crown Prince Frederik is traveling to the home of his wife Mary. The two will celebrate Christmas with relatives. Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Mary. – Keystone Ad the essentials in brief Mary, the wife of Danish Crown Prince Frederik, is originally from Australia. For the […]

Artificial Christmas tree price up, customer saves on outdoor lights | Economy

22 nov 2022 om 05:33Update: een dag geleden Artificial Christmas trees are 10 percent more expensive this year. This is due to transport costs, says Intratuin director Peter Paul Kleinbussink. “Container prices for transport from Asia have risen sharply.” Tree grower Gerard Krol (also foreman of the Dutch association of Christmas tree growers) foresees hardly […]