Sangre de Cristo Thunderbird Invational 2017

Boys Scores ===================================== Pl Team Score ===================================== 1 Alamosa High School 101 2 Lake County High Sch 80 3 Sanford High School 65 4 Monte Vista High Sch 60 5 Sargent High School 57 6 Center High School 51 7 Sangre de Cristo Hig 38 8 […]

Di Maio, Claudi will leave with the last flight from Kabul – World

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 27 – “In the next few hours the last C-130 from Kabul airport will depart from Kabul with the Italian consul Tommaso Claudio and the ambassador Stefano Pontecorvo on board, who coordinates the operations on behalf of NATO Afghan airport and all the soldiers who contributed to the evacuation operations. My […]

The miner was trying to sell the phone stolen the day before, in Évreux

Posted on 08/05/2021 at 6:28 pm A resident of Saint-Sébastien-de-Morsent had made an appointment with the young man who had stolen his smartphone the day before. The minor was picked up by the police. The stolen phone was found shortly after on an online shopping site – Illustrative photo Pixabay Evreux police arrested two 17-year-old […]

“Tsirkon”, Russia’s hypersonic missile that can fly nine times faster than sound

In yet another show of military muscle, Russia successfully launched its new hypersonic cruise missile “Tsirkon”, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Monday. According to the press release, the missile was fired by the warship Admiral Gorshov from the White Sea at a target off the coast of the Barents Sea. “El misil ‘Tsirkon’ hit […]

FAA: Pressure Switch Inspections on All Boeing 737s

Boeing 737 users should repeatedly test the switches and replace them if necessary. Manufacturer Boeing, which previously informed customers about the problem, said in a response that it supports the FAA guideline. Failure of the switches can cause the so-called cabin altitude warning system will not activate if the air pressure in the cabin exceeds […]

United Airlines surprises with order for 100 electric Heart ES-19s

United Airlines’ preliminary order is part of an investment by United Airlines Ventures, along with Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) and Mesa Airlines, in Heart Aerospace. Mesa Airlines, a strategic partner of United, has signed a similar agreement to purchase 100 of these aircraft. The ES-19 is currently being developed by Heart Aerospace, a Gothenburg-based start-up. […]

In pictures: confused American Airlines passenger tied up with duct tape

DALLAS – On an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Charlotte last Tuesday, a passenger went completely crazy. During the flight, the woman, yelling to get out, tried to open a door. She also attacked the staff, biting one of them. Almost the entire crew had to be involved to tie her up with duct […]

Second Airbus A340 of Air Mauritius arrived in Twente

An Air Mauritius A340-300 also landed at Twente on 2 July. Then it was an aircraft from 1997, the A340 that arrived on Saturday morning dates from 1999. Air Mauritius has taken all its A340s out of service and replaced them with new Airbus A330neos and A350s. Both A340s that are now at Twente will […]

Boeing 737 makes emergency landing in the sea off Honolulu, crew rescued

The aircraft had just taken off when the crew reported problems. An attempt was made to return, but there were fears that the other engine would also fail. The pilots then landed the aircraft in the sea. A Coast Guard rescue helicopter quickly arrived to pick up the pilots. Transair is an American cargo airline […]