Chinese electric car manufacturer Byton stops production

Byton Design boss Benoit Jacob presented the M-Byte at CES in January. (Photo: AP) Shanghai The corona crisis is putting Chinese electronics manufacturer Byton under pressure. The company, which was founded three years ago with ambitious expansion plans, announced on Tuesday that production would be suspended from July 1 in order to reorganize itself. “The […]

Dispute over Hong Kong weighs on Asian stock exchanges

Electronic scoreboard of the Tokyo Stock Exchange At the end of the stock market week, the mood on the Asian markets has deteriorated. (Photo: AP) Tokyo New tensions between China and Hong Kong are spoiling the buying mood for Asian investors at the end of the week. In Hong Kong, the Hang Seng fell by […]

United States blacklist 33 Chinese companies and institutions

The US and Chinese national flags fly in front of a hotel Relations between the United States and China are strained due to various conflicts. (Photo: dpa) Washington The conflict between the United States and China continues to worsen. The Department of Commerce in Washington said Friday that it would blacklist 33 Chinese companies and […]

China’s leadership plans its own security law for Hong Kong

People’s Congress in China The security law for Hong Kong is to be discussed at the annual conference of the People’s Congress. (Photo: dpa) Hong Kong In a controversial step, China’s leadership plans to enact its own security law for Hong Kong. The People’s Congress will discuss the draft of an improvement in the legal […]

Economic miracle in Europe: Eastern trade grew despite the crisis

Berlin Without the east of Europe, the situation in Germany would be even worse economically than it already is because of the corona crisis. Because while the German gross domestic product (GDP) in the first quarter with a minus of 2.2 percent has fallen more sharply than ever since the international financial crisis in 2008 […]

Apple chip maker TSMC builds factory in the United States

TSMC logo More than 1,600 jobs are to be created in the new US plant. (Photo: Reuters) Taipei The chip maker TSMC, which among other things produces processors for Apple’s iPhones, is building a plant in the USA after political pressure from the White House. The Arizona state factory is scheduled to start operating in […]

Dispute between the United States and China threatens to escalate

Huawei The U.S. Department of Commerce said chip manufacturers would not be able to deliver semiconductors to the world’s second largest smartphone maker based on U.S. software and technology. (Photo: AFP) Washington The dispute between the United States and China over the influence of the Chinese network supplier Huawei escalates. While the U.S. announced further […]

“We can also end the whole relationship”

Washington No easing is in sight in the dispute between the USA and China. US President Donald Trump even broke off relationships in an interview on Thursday with Fox. “We can do a lot of things,” Trump said when asked what he thought of the proposal to deny Chinese students a visa in the United […]

Dispute between Australia and China escalates

Bangkok The Chinese are very hungry for Australian beef: Australia’s farmers sent 300,000 tonnes to the People’s Republic in 2019, almost twice as much as in the previous year. But now the good business is threatening to fall victim to a diplomatic escalation between the two countries. On Tuesday, the Beijing government banned the import […]

EU attacks China’s economy

Beijing, Brussels, Berlin This year should be a special one in relations between China and the European Union. Several top-level meetings were planned, Chancellor Angela Merkel wanted to travel to Beijing for the 13th time during her 15-year chancellorship and for the first time a meeting of all 27 EU heads of state and government […]