After disruptive action in the Bundestag: AfD ban proceedings not excluded

After the disruptive actions of AfD guests in the Bundestag, the chairman of the conference of interior ministers, Maier, does not rule out a ban on the party. CSU regional group leader Dobrindt draws a comparison with the NPD. The chairman of the conference of interior ministers, Georg Maier, thinks it is conceivable that a […]

Pandemic in the USA: More than a quarter of a million corona deaths

US experts warn of a “dangerous point” in the corona pandemic: the number of deaths related to the virus has exceeded 250,000. In addition, there is the strongest increase in new infections to date. Since the corona pandemic began, more than a quarter of a million people have died after being infected with the virus. […]

RCEP agreement: “From the factory to the world market”

The RCEP agreement has created the world’s largest free trade area in Asia. As a result, previous big players fell behind, says Asia expert Hanns Hilpert. He explains how Europe and the US can benefit. Mr. Hilpert, who will benefit from this free trade agreement called RCEP? Hanns Hilpert: All 15 states that participate […]

Swiss pediatrician: Remo Largo dies at the age of 76

His books shaped the upbringing style of millions of parents: The Swiss pediatrician and author Remo Largo died at the age of 76. He also made a name for himself as a researcher in the field of child development. The Swiss pediatrician Remo H. Largo is dead. He died on November 11th at the age […]

WHO: Increasing deaths from measles

The WHO is sounding the alarm. In 2019 there were more measles cases worldwide than there had been in two decades. More than 207,000 people died. The increase in diseases could intensify – one reason: Corona. According to the United Nations, a lack of vaccination protection has led to the spread of measles. The World […]

Dispute over EU budget: Hungary is pulling out its claws

Is Hungary ready to forego EU funds in order not to have to bow to the new rule of law mechanism? At least that’s how it looks. Prime Minister Orban threatens to block the EU budget with his veto. By Holger Beckmann, ARD-Studio Brussels If that happens, the European Union has a problem: In the […]

Abuse scandal: Poland’s Catholic pillars are shaking

The Catholic Church has a high priority in Poland – but it is no longer inviolable. A report now attacks the former private secretary of Pope John Paul II for alleged cover-up and bribery. By Jan Pallokat, ARD Studio Warsaw Cardinal Stansilaw Dziwisz, who has now again accused him of covering up abuse in the […]

International matches: Corona football chaos in Europe |

Friendlies and Nations League are increasingly turning into a farce. Positive and false corona tests as well as travel restrictions create a shambles. But UEFA is determined to push through the last round of its new competition format. A foray through Europe. From Frank Hellmann Actually, the constellations on the last two Nations League match […]

Despite Corona: AfD party conference may take place

The CDU and the left have already postponed their party congresses because of the pandemic. But the AfD wants to gather around 600 delegates as planned at the end of November – the responsible regulatory office in Kalkar has now given the green light. In all likelihood, the AfD will be able to hold its […]

Dispute over vote counting: Tug of war like Bush versus Gore?

Vote counting in court – that has happened before in the USA. In 2000, the candidates fought for victory in Florida. In the end, it went to the Supreme Court – which passed a controversial judgment. By Eckart Aretz, US election nights are always a special form of spectacle. Over the notorious number-obsessed US […]