(Video) Massive burial of junior fans in Sabanagrande

In the municipality of Sabanagrande, Atlántico, a massive burial was recorded for the death of a Junior fan. People bypassed the authorities’ restrictions due to the pandemic. In the images you can see the crowd wearing shirts from the Barranquilla team, in the middle of a bustling atmosphere. Likewise, some of those attending the funeral […]

Covid-19: groom dies of symptoms two days after wedding with 400 guests

More than 100 people tested positive for Covid-19 in Bihar, India, after attending a wedding, where more than 400 people attended. Bihar officials confirmed on Wednesday that the groom had shown symptoms of Covid-19 days before the wedding on 15 June. The man would eventually die two days later, with another 200 people paying homage […]

Elda pays tribute to Concha Velasco after “The funeral”

TheElda Town Hallwill pay tribute this Saturday January 25, 2020 to Concha Velasco giving his name to a seat in the patio of theCastelar Theater. The actress, who represents the play on Friday and Saturday at the Eldense Coliseum“The funeral”, will receive recognition from the city at the end of the function this Saturday, which […]

Mourning in the Corona crisis: how to say goodbye?

Mr. Mucksch, you are a board member of the Federal Association for Mourning Support and you also work as a mourning companion. How do you deal with the Corona crisis in your job? This affects different levels: Our entire training area is completely idle, we are not allowed to work at all. We are currently […]

Coronavirus. Saint-Lô: MP Philippe Gosselin calls for more relaxed rules

“On behalf of all the bereaved families, of all those who could not say goodbye as they wished to their loved one, a father, a mother, a child … I ask you with great humility to please soften the current rules “, wrote deputy Les Républicains Philippe Gosselin in a letter addressed to the Minister […]

Haydar Baş sent off on his last trip in Trabzon

BTP Leader Haydar Baş was taken to coronavirus treatment in the hospital when his ‘Covid-19’ tests were positive with 8 people from his family in his hometown of Trabzon. Having been treated for 4 days in a private hospital in Akçaabat district, Baş was taken to the intensive care unit at Kanuni Training and Research […]