Wall Street closes in positive territory – New records for S&P 500 and Nasdaq

Frankfurt The record run on the US stock exchanges continued with small steps on Tuesday. However, the Dow Jones Industrial is still lagging behind. His early gains also fizzled out and so he ended the day almost unchanged with plus 0.03 percent to 34,292 points. The market-wide S&P 500 also closed with plus 0.03 percent […]

The hope of GameStop’s downfall – now the hedge fund must close its doors

Reddit users and other hobby investors started a bitter battle against the established Wall Street elite in January. It all happened when the GameStop stock shot up, while several hedge funds lost so it sang. Half a year later, one of the funds has had to throw in the towel. As the Financial Times reports, […]

Armda amatr opt confused with the shares, AMC cinemas thank you with free popcorn

Shares of AMC Entertainment are trading after a medium-term trading, during which the price rose by almost 96 percent, to an all-time high. In addition to the positive impact of the reopening of cinemas, this is mainly due to the interest of small investors from a number of individuals who have been attracting attention in […]

In China, stock trading is a popular sport

Herr Suo Private investors like Mr. Suo are therefore regularly held responsible when things get turbulent again on the stock exchanges in the People’s Republic. Zhengzhou Every morning at 9 a.m., Suo Xianjun’s day begins with the same routine. Before the markets in China open, he looks at what happened on Wall Street the night […]

JP Morgan increases profits by more than 450 percent

Denver, Düsseldorf The jacket boom is driving Wall Street banks’ profits. The dealmakers helped JP Morgan Chase have its best first quarter ever, with net income of $ 14.3 billion. That is almost five times more than a year earlier, as America’s largest bank announced on Wednesday. Investment banking fees increased 57 percent year over […]

GameStop will take a percentage of digital sales on Xbox Series X / S

The chain of stores specializing in video games GameStop announced in early October a strategic agreement with Microsoft. The association supposes the adoption of the technologies of the technology corporation in the company, but now we have learned that the agreement was associated with a weight change in the business model: the digital shopping made […]