“I guarantee you up to 8 million”

The former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) convinced FC Barcelona to accept the new Spanish Super Cup in Saudi Arabia, hiding the millionaire commissions from Gerard Piqué and boasting about the figure he had achieved for the Barça club. “I hope you are happy to guarantee between 6.8 and 8 million for […]

Meliá Hotel Chain to Open Luxury Accommodation with Restaurant and Pool in Penthouse

The accommodation, which will be operated by the Meliá hotel chain, will have 128 luxury rooms(8 suites, 15 junior suites, 105 doubles) and a total occupancy of 290 seats (272 fixed and 18 convertible), in addition to being equipped with rrestaurant and pool in the penthouse. In total, the constructed area is 9,411.59 square meters […]

Faustino Asprilla criticized Shakira again to defend Gerard Piqué

Faustino ‘El Tino’ Asprilla again targeted Shakira to defend Gerard Piqué and an ESPN journalist showed everything on her social networks. The former player has a hunted fight with his teammates, as he has been in favor of Piqué in his controversy with the singer from Barranquilla. It may interest you: James Rodríguez ‘stirred up […]

Here are all the details about Shakira and Lewis Hamilton’s exciting romance

In recent weeks, there have been rumors that Shakira has found love, namely the handsome Formula 1 driver, Lewis Hamilton in person. Since then, she has been dating, and although the two parties have not yet confirmed the news about their relationship, according to photos, videos and insiders, it is undeniable that Shakira and the […]

Gerard Piqué proposes a session with Shaving: Will the DJ accept?

Gerard Piqué is once again one of the main topics of social networks by proposing a session with the Argentine producer Shaving. For the fans of the Colombian artist there are two possibilities: she likes to be the center of attention or she simply cannot stop talking about Shakira. After his visit to Miami, the […]