Thousands at demonstrations in Berlin and Hamburg

TThousands of people took part in protests by left-wing groups on May Day in German cities. In Berlin, a special focus was on the “Revolutionary May Day” demonstration, which led from Neuk├Âlln to Kreuzberg. The police spoke of around 14,000 participants on Sunday evening. There were no major riots, but there were isolated scuffles between […]

Mike Tyson beats up passenger on plane

Mike Tyson has had an image of not being in control for years. Image: AP On a plane, a passenger provoked Mike Tyson until the boxing legend became violent. A video of the incident is circulating on the internet. Box legend Mike Tyson apparently beat up a passenger on a plane. A spokesman for Tyson […]

Pop singer: Britney Spears on Instagram: “I’m having a baby”

Britney Spears already has two teenage sons. But the singer has made no secret that she would like to have another child. Now she announces the good news. Her ex-husband also congratulates her. The US pop singer Britney Spears (40, “Baby One More Time”) had already said last year that she would like to […]

Easter Festival boss: art with attitude without appropriation – dpa

HFrom the point of view of the head of the Salzburg Easter Festival, age in art is not only in demand in view of the current crises. However, one must allow cultural workers to express themselves through artistic means instead of allowing themselves to be politically monopolized, said artistic director Nikolaus Bachler before the festival […]

NGG demands signs from German companies in Russia – dpa

DThe Food, Pleasure and Restaurant Union (NGG) has called on German companies operating in Russia to set an example and to examine their commitment very critically. “Economic interests and needs can only be part of this test,” said an NGG spokesman on Friday of the German Press Agency. For German companies, it should now be […]

Superhero with a disorder: Oscar Isaac shines as “Moon Knight” – dpa

NJust like the Marvel comics about famous superheroes like “Spider-Man”, “The Incredible Hulk” or “Captain America”, “Moon Knight” has had a shadowy existence since the 1970s. Before Oscar Isaac took on the title role in the new Disney+ streaming series, he too had no idea who or what Moon Knight was. “Zero! I didn’t know […]

Warning strikes at airports in Germany

DThe Verdi union is expanding the warning strikes at the passenger controls in German airports. After the inspectors stopped working at six airports on Monday morning, the forces at Germany’s second largest airport in Munich are now also called upon to do so from 2 p.m., as the union announced. The campaign in the Bavarian […]

Sanctions against aggressor Russia are slowing down researchers in Hesse

Dhe Russian attack on the Ukraine also has a variety of effects on Hesse. The sanctions also affect research projects of large scientific institutions and cooperation between universities. For example, one of the currently largest research projects worldwide is affected, the construction of the particle accelerator (Fair) in Darmstadt. The management of the GSI Helmholtz […]

Is Russia headed for bankruptcy?

Aowing to the western sanctions in the wake of the Ukraine war, Russia is as good as unregistered from the international financial markets. But what is supposed to increase the pressure on President Vladimir Putin and make the Kremlin give in by isolating the Russian economy has unpleasant side effects for investors. Experts see Russia’s […]