With La Vallée, Bernard Minier offers new blood and hope to booksellers

“Friends are the angels who lift us up when our wings can’t remember how to fly.” This sentence did not come from a Chinese fortune cookie but from the pen of Guillaume Musso (in The Paper Girl). In his study for Weekly Books, the GfK Institute reveals that the author remained the most popular during […]

“The Woman Revealed” in the Whirlpool

Gaëlle Nohant’s novel, the revealed Woman, belongs to the limited range of novels published in January that we hear about regularly. We saw the author in a limited program by François Busnel, the Grande Librairie April 29, when guests, joined in their homes, by the wire, were forced to concentrate and be attentive to the […]

Gus-Gus is dunking blood

To say that the conditions are idyllic for Born under a lucky star would be lying. Aurélie Valognes is one of those unfortunate writers whose books, released in early March, saw their careers cut short. In this group, she stands out for her status as a bestseller. His sixth novel was printed in 120,000 copies. […]