Highlights of COVID-19

The remarkable thing about the pandemic has shown the advancement of science, at a clinical and molecular level. With the new knowledge, the urgent obligation to intervene in the behavior of people, their mobility and the reduction of contacts, the increase of care for people with greater risk with the increase of family and community […]

Guiding Health System Change in Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 continues to pose significant and unprecedented challenges in the capacity of health systems at the international level, which is why the question arises as to how well are health systems responding to the challenges posed by COVID-19? One difficulty in addressing this issue from a qualitative perspective is that the pandemic is ongoing, which […]

Self-care: not going to the hospital and having well-being | THE UNIVERSAL

According to a study presented by ILAR, the Latin American Responsible Self-Care Industry (2018), the Colombian health system treats around 11.5 million cases of minor illnesses a year, such as colds, diarrhea and low back pain, with an estimated cost of attention of USD $ 279 million. According to the study, if 50% of these […]

“Chronic COVID-19” survivors report months of suffering

Several COVID-19 patients say that they continue to experience the symptoms of the virus weeks and months after the first infection. The long-term suffering from COVID-19 is part of the riddle of the new virus, which has spread all over the world and has killed more than 570,000 people. Some survivors are now looking for […]

They prioritize medical care for those over 60 with COVID-19

People over 60 years of age have become the population most affected by the new coronavirus, to the point that they account for nearly 75% of the deaths registered by this disease in the city. This situation has caused an alert among the district authorities, who launched a strategy to reduce the mortality of older […]

Decrease in the number of Venezuelans living in Colombia

For the second consecutive month, the number of Venezuelan citizens living in Colombia decreased, compared to the previous month. This was announced by Juan Francisco Espinosa Palacios, general director of Migration Colombia. Through a statement, the official indicated that as of April 30, 2020, the number of Venezuelans living in Colombia would be 1,780,380, one […]

World Bank allocates a USD700 million loan to Colombia

He World Bank approved a new loan for USD700 million to Colombia to support the response of the national government to the development of the pandemic by COVID-19 in the country. “We work quickly so that Colombia can count on the resources it needs in these difficult times for all, especially for the most vulnerable”Said […]

Corona emergency aid for 25 countries: IMF announces debt relief

The coronavirus pandemic is at its peak in Europe and the United States, and has only just begun in emerging markets. To mitigate the foreseeable catastrophe in the weakest countries on earth, the IMF quickly reaches into the Ebola cash register. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced immediate debt relief for 25 developing countries […]

“We don’t need a new economic order”

I.n the Corona crisis, many dams are breaking, something unimaginable earlier becomes possible overnight. Billion-dollar aid to the economy, for example, huge new borrowing, the forced closure of shops and schools, blocking of contacts. It is already being considered whether to force companies to change their production or to build a state-owned production of critical […]

Coronavirus Melbourne: Daniel Andrews confirms 466 COVID-19 cases in Victoria

This Coronavirus article is unlocked and can be read for free in the interest of community health and safety. Subscribe here for full access to Herald Sun / Leader journalism. Australia’s operating rooms are close to closure. Surgeons are demanding that their scalpels be removed so that the hospitals can concentrate on the coronavirus. It […]