Donate to the Fire Department! So everyone can help the emergency services

Hundreds of firefighters have been in action for days, fighting the flames in Saxon Switzerland. imago/Steffen Unger They have been fighting the flames in one of the most beautiful national parks in Germany for days – and are increasingly coming to the edge of their strength: Hundreds of fire brigades are still on the road […]

Rhein-Rock-Festival​ offers live music on the Bürgerwiese in Baumberg​

Jun 10, 2022 @ 5:32pm Live music on the Bürgerwiese in Baumberg : Looking forward to the Rhein Rock Festival The Rhein-Rock team around chairman Jan von den Driesch (front right) presented the festival program on the Bürgerwiese. Foto: Matzerath, Ralph (rm-) Monheim Online ticket sales begin immediately. In 14 days the tickets will also […]

Feed this animal, it will be a helper in the afterlife, said Ustadz Abdul Somad

North Sulawesi portal – What animal can be a helper later in the afterlife? Listen to Ustadz Abdul Somad’s explanation. Ustadz Abdul Somad answered a question about whether a cat could be a helper in the afterlife. Besides cats, Ustadz Abdul Somad also said that there are other animals that can be help animals in […]

Patient service (department auxiliary service) (male/female) in Graz

Patient service (department support service) (m/f) part-time 60% Private Clinic Graz Ragnitz from now on The private clinic Graz Ragnitz, a company of the PremiQaMed Group, is a leading private clinic in Austria and the leading private maternity clinic in Styria. Patients and doctors appreciate the professional competence, team-oriented management and the technical standards that […]

AFD candidates for Krefeld are allowed to compete

Mar 26, 2022 at 8:18 am Two candidates initially blocked : New development: AFD candidates are allowed to compete Matthew Hilderich. Photo: AfD Krefeld The two AFD candidates for Krefed can now run in the state elections after all. The city’s election committee initially rejected the proposals because the state returning officer suspected irregularities. He […]

Election committee in Krefeld rejects AFD proposals

March 25, 2022 at 4:09 p.m Two candidates suspended for the time being : Election committee in Krefeld rejects AFD proposals Matthew Hilderich. Photo: AfD Krefeld The city’s election committee rejected the two nominations made by the AFD for the two constituencies in Krefeld. Reason: They were signed for the party by Matthias Helferich – […]