LED wall replaces almost every location

Dhe big world is in Offenbach At home anyway, reality now extends a little further: Extended Reality, or XR for short, is the name of the technology that is currently driving the creative industry. And the entrance to this expanded reality has been in the Offenbacher’s atrium since the beginning of September Messe. The LED […]

Protest against IAA – blockade on the Autobahn – Munich

The first joggers, who trotted on the Neue Gautinger Straße to Germering on Tuesday morning and crossed the Lindau A96 autobahn, could not be stopped by what was happening next door on the old railway bridge. Two people rappelled down from the railing and fumbled a white banner on the dull green steel; two more […]

IAA 2021 Live: Hyundai in Europe will also end up with internal combustion engines

Hyundai’s press conference at the Munich Motor Show was held in the spirit of pure mobility and carbon neutrality. Hyundai wants to become carbon neutral by 2045. You probably already know that this is not entirely good news for fans of internal combustion engines. By 2035, it intends to sell only zero-emission vehicles in Europe. […]

IAA in Munich with concept cars and test drives: That’s the program | Regional

Munich – The IAA is full throttle! Tomorrow (Tuesday) Chancellor Angela Merkel will open the automobile fair for industry representatives, then you can also rent electric cars in the city! also read ► How it works: Drive through Munich with the Audi RS e-tron, no problem! 230 electric cars are available for free test drives […]

Munich: Which protests are planned against the IAA – Munich

On Friday, climate protection activists want to put sand in the gears of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Munich. The spokeswoman for the action alliance, Lou Winters, announced in a video that was distributed via Twitter, among other things: “We are crashing the greenwashing party of the German auto industry.” Among other things, Extinction […]

New Kia Sportage: here is the European version, there is plug-in hybrid

Transformed in look, it is offered with all types of propulsion: petrol and diesel mild-hybrid, full-hybrid and plug-in hybrid: official debut at the Munich Motor Show Kia presented the fifth series of Sportage, the first developed exclusively for the European market. Compared to the version destined for the Asian and American markets, the “European Sportage” […]

Cupra works on a city electric car. The concept attracts a huge wing

Cupra will unveil the UrbanRebel concept next week. As the name suggests, the study should foreshadow the appearance of a planned car to the city. Electric, of course. Cupra speaks of the concept as a “radical interpretation of an electric performance car into city traffic.” UrbanRebel reportedly offers a combination of electrification, sustainability and performance […]