IFE Universal: Know only with your RUT if you have pending payments of this benefit

The Universal Emergency Family Income (IFE Universal) was one of the most outstanding grants delivered by the state During the most critical months of coronavirus in the country. It is benefit It was addressed to all the families that were part of the Social Registry of Homes (RSH), provided that your income does not exceed […]

IFE Universal for October | How to track my payments and when can I collect the benefit

Profits Payments from last month can be extended until November. Find out here your situation regarding this benefit. Trends© Agency One.There are still payments pending for October. The Universal IFE is one of the most far-reaching benefits in a pandemic, which has reached more than 8 million 300 thousand homes, paying a monthly amount to […]

Everything you need to know about the October IFE Universal payment

Written in USEFUL DATA the 29/10/2021 · 16:22 hs Attention! In the next few days, October payments will be made for people who have processed the Emergency Family Income (IFE Universal). Like every month, the Ministry of Social Development starts the payments that correspond to October. This time, the start of payments is this Friday, […]

Until when is the IFE Universal paid?

Profits Benefit starts this month’s payments this week, in a bonus that was extended according to its initial operation. Trends© Agency One.October payments start tomorrow The IFE Universal continues giving news in this month of October. For more than a year it has added beneficiaries in a pandemic and this week you will face a […]

IFE Universal: payment date confirmed for October benefit

The payment corresponding to October will be the penultimate of the program implemented as an economic aid for families during the coronavirus pandemic. The Ministry of Social Development specified the date on which it will be possible to know when the payment will begin October Universal Family Emergency Income (IFE). Saying monetary benefit seeks to […]

What day will the money corresponding to October be paid and will it be 100%?

In days where the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing its numbers, people begin to fear for setbacks in the Step by Step Plan, that is why the Universal IFE becomes relevant. When is October paid? Here we tell you. The Emergency Family Income or Universal IFE, will live key days around the payment of the month […]

Amounts of the beneficiaries of the IFE Universal in November

The Government announced that it will extend the benefit until November for families that have been economically affected by the coronavirus. The amounts that the beneficiaries will receive will depend on the number of members of their family. The Universal Family Emergency Income (IFE), is an economic benefit that seeks to help families that have […]