Researchers sure: virus mutated and even more contagious – health

Does its mutation make the coronavirus even more dangerous? An influence on the infection rate is likely, as researchers found. The number of infections is skyrocketing worldwide. The reason for this could be a mutation of the coronavirus, which turns out to be even more infectious than the previous variant. The mutation D614G ensures that […]

Coronavirus: trade is sounding the alarm – need help quickly

Closed shops For many retailers, the coronvirus is a huge burden. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf The retailers in Germany fear a wave of bankruptcies and the loss of millions of jobs, if state aid does not flow to the companies immediately and unbureaucratically. In a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel, the industry association HDE called for […]

Lufthansa cancels 80 partial retirement contracts

Lufthansa passenger plane For many employees, there were no prospects for continued employment at the remaining hubs in Munich and Frankfurt. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The conflict between Lufthansa and the Verdi service union continues to intensify. After the negotiations on an overarching Corona restructuring contract were broken off, the company terminated the partial retirement agreements […]

Australia is now breeding mosquitoes – Science

Breeding mosquitoes to contain them: What at first seems completely illogical, according to those responsible, makes perfect sense. According to the operators, the world’s first factory for breeding mosquitoes on an industrial scale is to be built in Australia. The aim is to fight mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, zika or chikungunya. […]

Microsoft’s Covid-19 tracker now has an overview of all vaccines

For many weeks and months, most people around the world have been asking themselves one question: when can we finally get back to normal? This normalcy is primarily linked to one factor: a vaccination against Covid-19. A few days ago the Russian government released the world’s first vaccine against Sars-CoV-2 or Covid-19, but experts sharply […]

Kiefer removed because he hadn’t gone to the doctor for 27 years – health

Darren Wilkinson was so afraid of going to the dentist that he put it off for 27 years. That had fatal consequences. For nearly three decades, Darren Wilkinson (51) from Sheffield, England, avoided going to the dentist like the plague. “I tried to register him there for years,” recalls his two-year-old wife Mel, speaking to […]

Corona virus live ticker: +++ 03:33 China reports ten new infections +++

China reports ten new Covid 19 diseases. The health authorities say that nine of these are due to overseas arrivals. The authorities had reported only one infection the previous day. No one got infected in Beijing for the eleventh day in a row. The total number of Covid 19 cases in China is now 83,622, […]

Mutation is even more contagious than the original variant – health

The successful adaptation of the corona virus in the form of a mutation is far more infectious than the original version from Wuhan. A new mutation in the coronavirus affects human cells more easily than the original one. A study now confirms that the currently prevailing variant is far more infectious than the prototype from […]

Coronavirus live ticker: +++ 01:07 Orban rejects EU list of safe third countries +++

Hungary does not want to follow the EU recommendations to relax travel restrictions. Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a Facebook video. According to this, his country will not adopt the EU list of safe third countries – with the exception of Serbia. “Because that would be against the health interests of the Hungarian people,” […]

Corona virus live ticker: +++ 05:36 Trump celebrates July 4th with thousands of guests +++

Before US Independence Day, President Donald Trump witnesses a big firework display at Mount Rushmore Monument. Trump is traveling with his wife Melania to the famous monument in the state of South Dakota, which shows the heads of four former US presidents. Because around 7500 spectators are also expected, there are concerns about possible infections […]