“Green steel is a bet with an uncertain outcome”

SHS-Chef Tim Hartmann “The climate-neutral steel production in the EU must be designed fairly.” (Foto: Dillinger) Mr. Hartmann, how is the corona crisis affecting the steel industry?Demand, especially from the automotive industry, has plummeted. This has intensified the slowdown that we saw before the pandemic. We have made adjustments in production, but we cannot simply switch […]

Trade and the real estate industry recommend lowering rents

Vacant sales area The dealers affected by the six-week closure are estimated to have accrued rental debts of around 2.6 billion euros. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf Retailers and the real estate industry have agreed on recommendations for rent reductions in the Corona crisis. According to a joint code of conduct, dealers should be able to count […]

Risky bet on the recovery of the oil market

Oil production in Saudi Arabia The crude oil market is currently unpredictable. (Photo: George Steinmetz / Agency Focus) Frankfurt Once again, the OPEC oil cartel is in a difficult position: just at the moment when the producing countries want to relax their unprecedented restrictions on oil production, the number of Covid 19 cases is rising […]

Doctors want the sick report back by phone – Austria

“It is now official that there is no argument against keeping the telephone sick leave”, emphasizes ÖÄK Vice President Steinhart. The regulation of taking sick leave by telephone was introduced in mid-March in order to minimize the risk of infection in the doctor’s office. After almost half a year, however, this possibility of sick leave […]

Coronavirus and labor law: are you entitled to continued wages?

MDR SACHSEN: What happens under labor law in the case of quarantine? Do I get paid, yes or no? So there is a difference between illness and quarantine? Quarantine is not a disease. If someone is sick, the employer simply continues to pay their wages for six weeks. In a quarantine case, the employee has […]

The KfW loans are also an aid package for the banks

Headquarters of the KfW banking group in Frankfurt Many companies are currently dependent on loans from the state development bank KfW. (Photo: dpa) The Federal Government’s new KfW quick loans are an oath of disclosure for the German financial sector. With around 1,700 banks and savings banks, Germany has more credit institutions than any other […]

Dealers sink into excess goods after shutdown

Düsseldorf, Munich The sporting goods company Adidas has a huge problem: After a disappointing first quarter, it is sitting on tons of unsold textiles and shoes. And that can even be quantified fairly precisely: by the end of March, inventories had climbed by around a third compared to the previous year to 4.3 billion euros. […]

Experts warn of deadly TikTok challenge – health

After the death of several teenagers, the US Food and Drug Administration is now urgently warning of the Benadryl Challenge. Challenges that are making the rounds on social media should actually be fun and put you in a good mood. But the Benadryl Challenge, for which the drug of the same name and freely available […]

Retail urgently needs a plan B.

For years, the retail sector has worked extremely successfully to optimize and perfect its supply chains down to the smallest detail. This principle has been taken to extremes in online trading. Many dealers have never set up their own logistics. They only curated and marketed an assortment that others produced, stored, sorted and brought to […]

Which loans are allowed to suspend payments

Own home in Ludwigsburg In the case of real estate loans, consumers can currently arrange for interest and principal payments to be suspended. (Photo: obs) Berlin Much help in the corona crisis comes directly from the federal government. In the case of special measures to relieve the consumer, the banking industry was made responsible. What […]