Where the tax office 2020 takes a closer look

Income tax return In some fields, the tax office takes a closer look than in others. (Photo: IMAGO) Frankfurt Pupils and students are familiar with the phenomenon: Some teachers and professors let you know more or less in detail shortly before an exam which learning content is particularly relevant for the exam. It is similar […]

How children help save taxes

family holiday Parents can claim expenses for their children for tax purposes. (Photo: obs) Dusseldorf The state supports families with various financial aids. Child benefit is the classic. But with a few tricks, parents can persuade the tax authorities to make further grants or to share in their expenses. In order for the state money […]

You should now know these tax tips

Federal Ministry of Finance in Berlin The government wants to cushion the economic consequences of the pandemic. (Photo: imago / Gerold Rebsch) Frankfurt Because of the corona crisis, thousands of self-employed and companies are currently experiencing economic problems. In addition to various emergency aid and credit programs, the federal and state governments have also decided […]

Low earners get away the worst with short-time work benefits

Frankfurt The coalition committee has decided to increase short-time work benefits to 70 and 77 percent of the net wage loss from the fourth month. However, calculations by Lorenz Jarass from the Rhein-Main University of Applied Sciences show that high-earning employees on short-time work can already come up with replacement rates for the net loss […]

Students should know these tax tricks

Filled auditorium A groundbreaking decision by the Federal Constitutional Court was against the students. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt The year 2020 began with disappointment for many students: In January the Federal Constitutional Court ruled that the tax unequal treatment of expenses for the first degree and costs for the second degree does not violate the Basic […]

what is changing this year

The withholding of income tax did not remove the annual return from the return. Each spring, taxpayers must in fact send to the administration the summary of their income from the past year and of the expenses giving rise to a tax reduction (home employment, donations, etc.) Offset deadlines The 2020 campaign, however, opens under […]

the tax return rejected by the virus

The traditional tax reporting campaign is not immune to the effects of Covid-19. GĂ©rald Darmanin confirmed on Tuesday March 31 on TF1 that the calendar would be delayed by ten days. A measure intended to give taxpayers a little more time and above all to avoid a sudden influx of solicitations to the tax administration […]

Recognition for employees: Scholz exempts bonus payments from tax

In many care professions, from nurses to cashiers to truck drivers, workers are shifting extra shifts because of the corona crisis. Some companies reward this with special payments. Federal Finance Minister Scholz wants to make these bonuses tax-free. No bonuses of up to EUR 1,500 should be incurred on bonus payments for employees during the […]

The new tax period: Pay by July 15th

In a historic move, the Internal Revenue Service has postponed the April 15 tax payment deadline to July 15 this year for many people who haven’t paid their taxes for 2019. On Wednesday, the agency released details on how to change the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Conclusion: Individuals wishing to delay their tax payments […]

Suspended trading on Wall Street

The New York Stock Exchange stopped trading for the second time this week after losses from coronavirus fears declined sharply. The last 15-minute “breaker” was triggered when the S&P 500 fell about 7 percent in Thursday’s first minutes of trading on the New York Stock Exchange. It was the second time this week that the […]