Index – Economy – Cola has never looked so good

Buy sugar, it will sweeten your life – the good advice could be there for two reasons now. In addition to the obvious report, we can now also mean that buying products at official prices is a saving compared to the market price of the products, so buying them is also a good investment. We […]

Intel Announces Intel Arc A-Series, AMD and Nvidia Competitor Desktop GPUs – Intel officially announces a series of external graphics processors (GPUs), aka discrete graphics which will include the laptop product segment, desktopand workstation named Intel Arc A-Series. The presence of the Intel Arc A-Series will enliven the competition for external GPUs which in the past two decades have been dominated by AMD and Nvidia. […]

Earned 1,711 times as much as employees

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger earned $ 178.6 million – $ 1.6 billion – since he became chief executive in February last year, according to an SEC report. That’s a whopping 1,711 times as much as the average Intel worker. Quantafuel reported on Proof of Concept on Monday, but Nordea Markets analyst Elliot Jones is not […]

Intel bets 80 billion euros on Europe

The American group unveils a plan for massive investment in semiconductors in six EU countries. And in the end, Germany wins. It’s not about football, but about Intel’s European investments, involving 80 billion euros in ten years, including 17 billion for the construction of a mega-factory in Germany, in Magdeburg. This plan is fully in […]

US company Intel builds chip factory in Germany

March 15, 2022 at 2:16 p.m billion investments : US company Intel builds chip factory in Germany The US group Intel is building a chip factory in Germany. Photo: dpa/Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez ‚Äč Magdeburg/Santa Clara Given the current shortage of chips, Intel’s new production facility in Magdeburg is good news. In addition, billions of investments are […]

Smartphone market leader Samsung stops deliveries to Russia

Samsung According to Samsung, it also wants to support humanitarian efforts in the affected region. (Photo: Reuters) Seoul The electronics giant Samsung has stopped exporting its products to Russia because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The South Korean company is the market leader in memory chips, smartphones and televisions. “Given the current geopolitical developments, […]

Intel Names Customers for New Bitcoin Mining Chip

At the end of 2022, Intel will release a specialized bitcoin mining chip, and several companies have already been added to the waiting list. This is stated on the website of the chip manufacturer. Some of the early clients are Block (formerly Square) by Jack Dorsey, mining companies Argo Blockchain and GRIID Infrastructure. The latter […]