Germany, Munich Oktoberfest returns after two years – Europe

Munich’s Oktoberfest was inaugurated today, after being canceled for two years in a row due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The return of the popular festival takes place in a context of rising beer prices: the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused the prices of raw materials and energy to rise, forcing several breweries to pass […]

Why is the Ukrainian offensive so successful? Delusion, Armament, General

The Russians had expected a major offensive in the south, where they regrouped their forces and subsequently allowed the Ukrainians to surprisingly move the front up to 70 kilometers. What the aggressor needed weeks for, the Ukrainians managed in a few days. When the cheetah is on the rampage “Russian generals are afraid of mistakes. […]

Russia is building a floating bridge over the Dnieper

Antonivský bridge is damaged by Ukrainian shelling, while it is a key link between the east and Russian-occupied Kherson. In recent weeks, Russian forces and civilians have been dependent on ferry transport across the Dnieper. By completing the floating bridge, Russia would increase crossing capacity. But British intelligence reminds that even a floating bridge could […]

Ukraine war: Zelenskyj fears halving of crop yields | – News

Status: 07/31/2022 10:00 p.m Several grain freighters are waiting in Ukrainian ports to be allowed to leave the port. Ukraine’s harvest could be half what it normally is due to the Russian invasion in 2022, according to President Zelenskyy. “Our main goal is to prevent a global food crisis caused by the Russian invasion,” Zelenskyy […]

Ukraine War: Russia Targets Second Largest Power Plant – News

Status: 07/21/2022 12:32 p.m According to British intelligence reports, the Russian armed forces are apparently approaching Wuhlehirsk, the second largest power plant in Ukraine, around 50 kilometers from Donetsk. “Russia is giving priority to capturing critical infrastructure such as power plants,” the British Defense Ministry said, citing its intelligence services. The Russian troops also tried […]

Russia ‘doesn’t want to end’ the war, says Zelensky | Europe | D.W.

Ukrainian President Volodímir Zelensky assured this Sunday (07.17.2022) that Russia does not intend to end its invasion, while Ukraine protects itself. “This is a war in Ukraine that Russia started, that Russia continues and that Russia does not want to end. Ukraine defends its own land, its sovereignty, its territory. Ukraine fights for peace,” the […]