Murakami on the verge of bankruptcy – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, JULY 02 – Takashi Murakami, one of the most successful artists on the international market, reveals that he is on the verge of bankruptcy. In a 15-minute video posted on Instagram, the acclaimed star of contemporary art tells the two million fans the story “that breaks the heart” of his “economic […]

to avoid spreading the virus, speak japanese !

Japan has been relatively spared by the epidemic of Covid-19. This would be thanks in part to its language, which produces less sound expired and, therefore, fewer droplets. Regardless of the language, certain phrases and ways of speaking are to be avoided to avoid postillonner and spread of the virus on your contacts. With barely […]

For Haruki Murakami, the fight against coronavirus “is not a war”

“I chose music hoping it would do you some good. Not sure if it works, I’ll try ”, warns the one who irregularly hosts a musical program on Tokyo FM radio for almost two years. But the special “Stay home” broadcast Friday evening had a particular resonance giving food for thought and confidentiality. The novelist […]

Yves Klein in Nice, blue in the skies

It’s a cloudless sky and the matrix of a work. That of one of the most important artists of the XXe century, born in Nice in 1928. He recounts it in 1961 in his Chelsea Hotel Manifesto : “That day, when I was lying on the beach in Nice, I began to hate birds flying […]

Japanese genius returns to Real Madrid this summer? I do not want: Ligue1 Forum Football

According to the Spanish newspaper Aspen, the future of Jiuyingying, 18, will be determined in the coming months. At the moment, everything has not yet been decided. Various factors will determine the possibility of Jiu Jianying’s return to Real Madrid, including the departure and stay of Modric, the return of Erdggo, the team’s recruitment and […]

What can disappoint the owner of the Toyota RAV4 Russian assembly

A hundred times you need to think about whether to pay such money for such quality. Whatever it was, but the difference between the level of comfort and quality of materials in the “Japanese” Russian and, in fact, Japanese-made motorists notice on their own experience. And what can first of all disappoint the owner of […]

The Japanese exercise to tone the body at home with only four minutes a day

To japanese Kenichi Sakuma the ‘top models’ and celebrities consider him a guru of the sport. Thanks to your method simple and cash, has become an international ‘fitness’ coach’. With his tips and exercises, anyone may be able to keep your figure no need to perform training exhausting physics or impossible diets. In his new […]