Due to the liquidation of Share EPS, users are not treated in any clinic

The users of Comparta EPS in the Atlantic are concerned about the liquidation of the health provider, which was ordered by the National Superintendent of Health, through resolution number 202151000124996 of July 26 of this year, since they assure that they will be unprotected, they do not know for how long. Therefore, since Sunday morning […]

The community of Ciudad Jardín and Pance held a sit-in in support of the Police

Inhabitants of Ciudad Jardín and Pance, in the 22 commune of Cali, held a sit-in on the morning of this Saturday, May 29, to show their support for the National Police and demand that the blockades in the sector cease. “Our military forces are totally unmotivated with this lack of support from both the Mayor […]

Biontech is planning a double campus for research in Mainz

May 25, 2021 at 5:51 pm Biontech is planning a double campus for research in Mainz The logo and the lettering of the company Biontech. Photo: Boris Roessler / dpa / archive image Mainz “Future-oriented technology” Made in Mainz “” – this is the city’s program as a location for biotechnology. The complete evacuation of […]

ITP Aero is part of Hucknall’s English plant, which belonged to Rolls-Royce

These facilities “reinforce” the position of the Basque group, but the British multinational maintains its intention to sell it Exterior view of the ITP Aero headquarters in Zamudio. / MAIKA SALGUERO EC Tuesday, May 11, 2021, 00:13 In December 2020, the multinational Rolls-Royce, owner of ITP Aero, announced that it would integrate its English plant […]

Wintering Dipladenia: The ideal winter quarters

If you want to overwinter a Dipladenia, you should choose suitable winter quarters in good time. As soon as it gets cold outside, you need to protect the non-hardy plant. Read here how the climbing plant best survives winter. Wintering Dipladenia: The optimal winter quarters If the temperatures outside drop below eight degrees Celsius, you […]

Huawei will create its first 5G antenna factory outside China in France | Companies

Huawei has announced its plans to build in France a factory for wireless communications equipment, specializing in 4G and 5G equipment. The company, whose 5G technology has been vetoed by the US and other countries, seeks with this movement to eliminate doubts about the security of its technology from European governments and operators. This is […]

Edomex. P&G to expand plant in Naucalpan

Millennium Digital Naucalpan / 16.08.2020 19:15:24 P & G’s Health division, P&G Health, announced the expansion of the Naucalpan Plant in Mexico in order to expand its production capacity within the Personal Health Care category, therefore will build a new state-of-the-art tablet manufacturing plant in Naucalpan. In a statement, the company said that the new […]