the time trial of loggers to dispose of the burnt wood

In New Aquitaine, 31,000 hectares of forest were ravaged by the fires of summer 2022. Romain Duprat / DR In the Landes as in Gironde, the plots ravaged by the fires of this summer must be cleaned and reforested as soon as possible. Le Figaro Bordeaux In the spring, it will be too late. “Every […]

the rise of alternatives to chemical soil treatments

In viticulture, some professionals already use natural preparations to treat mildew or powdery mildew. Julia Lopatina/Adobe Stock DECRYPTION – Nettle manure, fern manure, etc. The use of these natural preparations is closely monitored by the manufacturers of phytosanitary products. Nettle manure and comfrey juice to fertilize the soil. Fern manure to ward off insects or […]

Car crashes into Apple store, killing 1, injuring 16

A car crashed into the window of an Apple store on the outskirts of Boston on Monday, November 21, killing at least one person and injuring 16, authorities said. «A dark-colored SUV rushed at an undetermined speed on the window and injured many peoplePlymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said at a press conference hours […]

near Nantes, the town of Rezé reduces its energy consumption by 95%

In this commune of Loire-Atlantique, only one district will be lit with Christmas decorations. And again it will be during a shorter period than usual and with reduced hours. Le Figaro Nantes And the light…was not. In Rezé, south of Nantes, the municipality has decided to drastically reduce the use of Christmas lights. Only one […]

totally overwhelmed, justice released most of the migrants

Migrants on boardOcean Viking before disembarking on November 11, 2022, after being rescued by the European maritime and humanitarian organization “SOS Méditerranée”. VINCENZO CIRCOSTA/AFP DECRYPTION – The jurisdiction of Toulon has nevertheless put itself in battle order to respond to this unprecedented situation. After the four migrants who escaped checks for a procedural defect, after […]

there are less than ten migrants left in the Giens waiting area

This is where the 234 migrants landed in Toulon on November 11 had been transferred, after Italy’s refusal to welcome the ship carrying them. The stay was brief. According to a source familiar with the matter at the Ministry of the Interior, there are less than ten migrants fromOcean Viking on the peninsula of Giens. […]

in Nantes, in the house of Nicodemus

Richard, a patient from the Nicodemus home, with Elsa, a caregiver, on November 9. Lorraine Turci/Lorraine Turci / Hans Lucas / for Le Figaro REPORT – In Nantes, the house of Nicodème, a new palliative care establishment, was inspired by the best methods of end-of-life care. Of great humanity, this accompaniment “like at home”, a […]

a deceased person was found in the rubble of the collapsed buildings

The body of the victim found in the night from Saturday to Sunday would be that of a 45-year-old psychiatrist from Calais. The search is now complete. Rescue operations ended early Sunday morning after the discovery in the night from Saturday to Sunday of a body in the middle of the rubble of the two […]