The hospital blood bank faced with a shortage of supplies.

The availability of blood bags remains an equation at the level of the department of Mbour. In the blood bank of the Mbour hospital, a blood stock shortage is noted. The cry of the heart was launched by Mrs. Badji Anne Marie Mendy, the Major of the laboratory of the Mbour Hospital, during a day […]

Traders frustrated with the promoter, Mouhamed Ndiaye Rahma

The traders of the Medina Baye market, very upset against the promoter of their market, protested. ” We will not accept this forfeiture. The real bulimia does not even spare the religious city. How can we, just a stone’s throw from the Great Mosque, allocate more than 5,788 m2 to a developer who has still […]

“The demonization of my work dates back to my thesis in 1992” (Mouhamad Ahmad Lô)

The leader of the Al Istikhama movement belonging to the Salafist movement, Mouhamad Ahmad Lô frequently faces attacks against himself and his movement. The latter is often suspected of having relations with terrorist groups in Mali, or of denigrating the various religious communities in the country. “The demonization of my work and of my person, […]

“These actions that can reduce hunger in the world”

On World Food Day, October 16, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (Fao) Director-General Qu Dongyu called for systems transformation food industry in the fight against hunger. He says, however, that hunger can be eradicated in the world by […] On World Food Day, October 16, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United […]

journalists Maria Ressa and Dimitry Muratov win the distinction.

The 2021 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two journalists. Filipina Maria Ressa and Russian Dimitry Muratov were honored for “their courageous fight for freedom of expression in their countries”, according to the Norwegian Nobel Committee which awarded the prize on October 8 in Oslo, the capital of Norway. This is the first Nobel Peace […]

US secret service reportedly lost dozens of informants abroad

The CIA has warned its agents overseas that too many informants recruited to spy for the United States have been killed, captured or compromised in recent years, reports The New York Times. Source :… .

the Ministry of Health at the bedside of children with intellectual disabilities.

The Ministry of Health and Social Action and the Senegalese Association for the Protection of Mentally Deficient Children (ASEDEME) signed a partnership agreement this Friday, October 1, with the aim of promoting the education and development of this vulnerable youth. Indeed, the event coincided with the start of the school year at Aminata Mbaye, which […]

Dutch government member fired after doubts about “corona pass”

Dutch government secretary of state for the economy, Mona Keijzer, was sacked after she publicly expressed doubts about the need for the “corona pass” in the country, according to De Telegraaf. An unprecedented event for the Netherlands, which is strengthening health measures, strongly criticized, especially by SMEs. Source :… .

Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Khadim Awa Ba notes Macky Sall’s achievements in Touba

In his speech on the day of the Magal in Touba, Serigne Bassirou Mbacké Khadim Awa Ba insisted on the investments made by the Government of Macky Sall in the health sector, electricity and road infrastructure in Touba. What about sanitation agitated by many problems? However, Ngouye Mbind’s marabout hails “significant progress. He cites the […]