Silvia Monteza proposes that congressmen can resign their position

Congresswoman Silvia Monteza (Popular Action) presented a constitutional reform project that seeks to allow the parliamentarians of the Republic to resign their positions, with the majority approval of the Plenary. “Congressmen can renounce the legislative mandate, the same that must be approved by the Plenary of the Congress of the Republic by absolute majority,” says […]

Dina, Three More Years?

The tedious and extensive speech of President Dina Boluarte on the National Holidays left a question: will there be three more speeches until 2026? Let’s recap: Pedro Castillo’s absurd coup attempt produced a couple of reactions in the country: perplexity and confusion. The first for the improvised; the second, because until now there are people […]

Carlos Neuhaus is the new president of the PPC

Carlos Neuhaus was appointed as the new president of the Popular Christian Party (PPC). The announcement was made this weekend through the party’s social networks. The former mayor of San Isidro, Carlos Neuhaus, has been linked to the historic party since the 1980s. His mission, now, will be the reconstruction of the political group that […]

Paolo Guerrero and the dalliances of Peruvian sports journalism

The days are approaching and there is no place for more verse. This Friday the 25th, Juan Reynoso, DT of the Peruvian Soccer Team, will give the list of the 26 called for the two games of the first date of the qualifiers for the 2026 Mexico-Usa-Canada World Cup. The first game, on the 7th […]

Franz Kafka: “The metamorphosis” or the transparency of writing

what happens with Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka escapes the dimension of the literary spectrum. We could even say that the story supplants the figure and legend of its author. TO Metamorphosis We not only assume it as one of the pinnacles of universal literature, but also as the closest approximation to man as a living […]