Drink water before bed for health? – healing practice

Is drinking water before bed healthy? Many people have a glass on their bedside table water ready to start the morning Durst to breastfeed. But there are also health issues advantages (or possible disadvantages) if still close to Go to sleep water is drunk? The medic dr. In a recent article from the renowned Cleveland […]

Chasing solidity in a liquid world

“We live in a constant search for an indefinite contract that can be extrapolated to any area of ​​our day to day. We pursue solidity while diving in kilos of planned obsolescence” Among the messages of encouragement that went viral in the first months after the global outbreak of covid-19, a better society was predicted […]

On Mars discovered a strange hole in the ground (photo)

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that aliens could have left the hole, but scientists say the explanation is much simpler. The other day, scientists received a new image from the Red Planet, which clearly shows a hole in the ground. However, conspiracy theorists who are looking for evidence of aliens will be somewhat disappointed to learn […]

What is the liquid gold that hides in the forests of Spain – Science – Life

In the Spanish provinces of Segovia, Ávila and Valladolid a treasure is hidden. There, in the middle of the Tierra de Pinares and the Sierra de Gredos, a thick forest of 400,000 hectares of resinous pines stretches towards the mountains. Sheltered from the hot Spanish sun and lined with trails, this forest is a popular […]

The Mérida City Council settles its debt with suppliers and pays bills in eight days

The cleaning and garbage collection service assumed a large part of the commercial debt. / J. M. ROMERO The local government also highlights that the outstanding capital with financial entities has fallen by almost 6 million so far this year April 2012. The Mérida City Council signs several loans under the supplier payment plan launched […]

Loans & Loans – Free to use

Plannable concepts for everyone … Loans even with negative Schufa:➢ Fast ➢ Easy ➢ Reliable ➢ At your disposal➢ For purchases➢ To reschedule➢ And much, much more … Now if you have a powerful partner at your Side that helps even in difficult times, life suddenly feels a lot easier … Long terms possible Low […]

Fukushima: Japanese government to release radioactive water into the sea

The Japanese government is ready to dump the contaminated water used to cool the plants damaged in the Fukushima nuclear disaster into the sea. The Japanese media anticipate this, explaining that a decision could be taken by the end of the month, despite the bitter debate on the controversies of this choice for the environment […]