Chocolate Federation wants to be the ‘Juan Valdez’ of cocoa | Business

Amid efforts to boost consumption of high-quality, fine-flavored chocolate, the National Federation of Cocoa Growers and a group of producers present their own store. It’s called Federación Chocolate and the first one will be inaugurated in Parque La 93 this Wednesday. (Cocoa trees would reach a record figure of 60,000 tons). This initiative that takes […]

Conad dark chocolate withdrawn: plastic fragments present

The Ministry of Health invites customers not to consume the product for any reason and to return it to the store to replace it or receive a refund. Through a press release published on its official website, the Ministry of Health reported the recall of the product “Dark Chocolate – 72% cocoa extra dark chocolate” […]

A “snowfall” of chocolate covered a city in Switzerland – News

A very particular situation was experienced in the commune of Olten, in Switzerland. A famous brand factory Lindt He had a failure in his system, which caused the city to wake up with a “snowfall” of chocolate. / Embedded Code Home / / End Embed Code / The problem was specifically registered in the ventilation […]

Some Tasty Foods That Can Lower Cholesterol and Avoid Heart Disease

RINGTIMES BALI – This one disease can greatly affect health and even become heart disease, namely cholesterol A high cholesterol diet can also affect your risk of stroke, but it shows no signs or symptoms beforehand, which is why a stroke can feel so sudden and cannot be explained. Cholesterol is a waxy substance that […]

BGH judgment in the chocolate dispute: only Ritter Sport may be square

For decades it has been the hallmark of Ritter Sport chocolate: the square packaging. It stays that way. The Federal Court of Justice dismissed a lawsuit brought by competitor Milka. More panorama topics can be found here Now it’s final: The square shape is reserved exclusively for Ritter Sport chocolates. The Federal Court of Justice […]

Undeclared allergen detected – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Recall for waffles: allergen not declared The Swiss Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary (BLV) provides information on the recall for waffles on its website. The authority recommends certain people not to consume the product. As part of an official inspection, undeclared milk was found in certain waffles. The product will therefore be recalled. […]

Cravings for fast food and sweets

An important project at work, arguing with the partner – and suddenly there is no end to the feed. Stress can affect eating behavior. The body’s own stress hormones are to blame. But how exactly does it come about and how can the craving for sweets be stopped? Photo series with 15 pictures Chocolate as […]

these chocolate makers who deliver at home throughout France

Chocolatiers-confectioners-confectioners are among the basic necessities that must remain open during containment at the request of the state. Some of them, however, decided to stop production and close the shop, to protect the health of their employees and customers. Others have chosen to remain open and / or offer online sales. Here is a selection […]

Eat up against the Covid-19: nuggets with my teen

The teen is confined. More than ever, he subscribes to the two main pillars of his existence: junk food and screens. And we must admit that in the fourth week of Mitard, we really let go of the trapeze of parental authority on the subject. What good is it to rebel against the dictatorship of […]

Sad Easter for chocolate makers

They make up to 30% of their annual sales during this period. Their activity dropped by 70%. The decline in supermarkets is 40%. Easter chocolates. Maria BATISTA / PUNTOSTUDIOFOTO Lda – “If only we could shift Easter! But the religious authorities will not agree“Sighs, humorously, Jérôme Poirier, president of the Chocolate Syndicate, which brings […]