Ecopetrol and ISA, on the government’s sale list | Companies | Business

The National Government intends to put on display and for sale its participation in two companies considered as its crown jewels: Interconecone Eléctrica SA (ISA) and Ecopetrol.(Read: In 2021, Ecopetrol would pay the lowest dividend in five years) The reason for alienating these two assets, as well as other state companies that are part of […]

Systematic – Newspaper Kommersant No. 114 (6835) on 02/02/2020

Many companies that have recently struggled for the right to be included in the list of backbone enterprises are making more and more claims to it. First of all, the business complains about the need to prepare weekly and more often a mass of reports for authorities of all levels, despite the fact that most […]

Espionage M: this is the new list of spies

Added to the list of victims or victims of espionage: Verónica Magario: deputy governor of the Province of Buenos Aires. Juan Grabois: Secretary General of the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy. Emilio Persico: Secretary of Social Economy, a dependency of the Ministry of Social Development, and a leader of the Evita Movement. Daniel […]

The European Union opens its borders to 14 countries: the complete list | Chronicle

The European Union (EU) announced that as of Wednesday reopen your closed borders since mid-March by the coronavirus crisis, to fourteen countries considered “insurance “, among which the United States, Brazil or Russia are not listed, but surprisingly included Uruguay. At a meeting in Brussels, the Member States approved by Tuesday a qualified majority a […]

The cast of ‘I give you life’ … forgot the ‘healthy distance’!

Just when Covid-19 infection and death rates rise wholesale in our country, the cast of ‘I give you life’, headed by José Ron, they enjoyed a weekend full of party, blowout, good food and a lot of closeness, despite the fact that they had to keep their distance and quarantine. Yes there will be kisses […]