“You always have that little doubt, but I hope to renew”

He signed his last three-year contract on June 30, 2017 in Laguardia in the concentration that takes place every summer Baiko Pilota, then Asegarce. Ander Imaz runs out in a month, and he is one of the nine players who has to negotiate his relationship with the promoter from Bilbao in the event that she […]

this was Little Richard’s particular way of the cross

Israel VianaFOLLOW Madrid Updated:05/19/2020 01: 40h save Related news Let’s start with the penultimate chapter. June 2012, Howard Theater in Washington. Little Richard stops his concert in the middle and exclaims looking at the sky: «Jesus, please help me. I can barely breathe. It is awful”. The audience listens to him bewildered, as if the […]