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[图]Brainwashing children’s song “Baby Shark” aspires to be the most watched on YouTube-Media Player/Video Site

The catchy brainwashing song “Baby Shark” has become the most viewed video on YouTube, surpassing the previous Latin song “Despacito” written by singer Luis Fonsi. The brainwashed rhythm and dance moves of “doo doo doo doo doo doo” are popular all over the world, attracting many people to watch, especially families with children. access: Tmall … Read more

Netflix price increase may become the norm, determined to replace cable TV-media player / video site

According to reports, Netflix announced on Thursday that it would raise the price of monthly packages in the United States. And this kind of news is expected to appear next year, and the following year will be the same, and the year after will be no exception. The company decided to increase the price of … Read more

Audio Collection Association: The KTV invested by Jay Chou cannot play Jay Chou’s songs is a misrepresentation-Media Player/Video Site

Recently, “Jay Chou invested in KTV defendants infringing more than 300 songs” has attracted attention. Some public opinions do not understand “Why can’t Jay Chou’s KTV play Jay Chou’s songs?” On the evening of October 31, the China Audiovisual Copyright Collective Management Association issued an explanation on the matter. It claimed that the infringed works … Read more