Chesapeake, an American shale oil producer, filed for bankruptcy Chesapeake, an American shale oil producer, filed for bankruptcy Chesapeake Energy, one of the pioneers of the US oil shale industry, filed for bankruptcy and asked for protection for debt restructuring, … RIA Novosti, 06/29/2020 2020-06-29T01: 31 2020-06-29T02: 23 michael bloomberg USA economy /html/head/meta[@name=”og:title”]/@content /html/head/meta[@name=”og:description”]/@content 4 USA RIA Novosti Russia, Moscow, Zubovsky […]

“The state cannot save all companies”

new York Steven Rattner has saved the US auto industry before. For the then US President Barack Obama, he headed the task force to rescue General Motors and Chrysler after the financial crisis ten years ago, earning him the unofficial title of “Auto-Tsar”. He is currently closely following the Trump administration’s relief efforts in the […]

What power big business has in the US election campaign

Hardly noticed by the general public, a completely different “virus” is spreading beneath the headline-heavy corona surface: the increasing influence of American big business and its lobbyists on the election decision. How did this “virus” begin its triumphal march, and what does that mean for the future of Western leadership? The last American presidential election […]

2020 US primaries: Democrats postpone party congress – politics

The Democratic primary has been running since February 3, during which the competitor for US President Donald Trump will emerge. Two applicants are still in the race for democratic candidacy: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. An overview of all news and developments: Area code in Wisconsin is being shifted Monday, April 6, 8:20 p.m .: […]

Joe Biden wins in Mississippi

Another important pre-election day is on the rise in the USA. Who will win the race with the Democrats – Biden or Sanders? Both candidates canceled appearances because of the corona virus. All information in the news blog. refresh page 1.40 a.m .: Next win for Biden Joe Biden is also predicted to have won […]

Get out of the corona trap – morning briefing

Good morning dear readers, Fear eat up soulit was once said by filmmakers Rainer Werner Fassbinder. Fear eat welfare, according to Covid-19 these weeks. Weeks in which the Germans are busy hoarding toilet paper and disinfectants as well as canceling trade fairs, major events and trips. Fear of corona is like fear of terrorism, says […]

Attack on the billionaires | TIME ONLINE

Two economists show the US Democrats in the election campaign how they can exempt the rich. Elizabeth Warren, a democratic candidate for the presidential candidacy, also calls for extra high wealth taxes. © Melina Mara / The Washington Post / Getty Images As violent as the Democrats’ presidential applicants may be, they are surprisingly united […]

Bloomberg weak, Biden strong – morning briefing

Good morning dear readers, the American version of democracy says that billionaires are replacing billionaires as presidents. At least that was the hope of the media-heavy Michael Bloombergwho went to the US yesterday “Super Tuesday” belated entry into the pre-election campaign – for the Democrats against Donald Trump, It’s a New Yorker’s fight against a […]

Joe Biden is resurrected by imposing himself in most states of the Super Tuesday

The race to Democratic nomination It goes for long. In just four days, everything has changed radically: Joe biden He has returned, as if resurrected from the dead, a comeback that reminds of the one he starred in Bill clinton in the 1992 primary. The veteran lion of the Senate, vice president with Barack Obama […]