Millionaires: Vanemerak attacks and sends a message to Gamero

The idol and reference of the capital team, Millionaires, Mario Vanemerak showed his annoyance and nonconformity at the present of the ‘ambassador’ team in the competitions that he played so far in 2020. According Vanemerak, in the ‘blue’ team are “very compliant and mediocre“For the performance that the team has shown in recent years:”there are […]


Seven matches of the BetPlay Dimayor League 2020 who have left three victories and four draws with 15 goals, a more classified team and changes in the group of eight. This is the table of positions of the BetPlay League In the first match of the day, Jaguares de Córdoba and Envigado resigned any possibility […]

Murillo, Hinestroza and Daniel Moreno, ready to reappear with Junior

David Murillo, James Sánchez, Freddy Hinestroza and Daniel Moreno are the main novelties of the group of players that Junior moved this Tuesday to Montevideo, Uruguay, for the game against Plaza Colonia, this Thursday from 7:30 pm, in the Alberto Suppici municipal stadium, in Colonia. Murillo and Moreno had been in the medical department for […]

Banco Nación denounces millionaire early retirements of hierarchies between 2017 and 2019

“The decision to retire the more than 500 BNA officials, among senior managers, bosses and others responsible for different business areas, generated a significant economic impact, but also affected the operational management capacity,” said the Bank’s president. Nation, Eduardo Hecker, it’s a statement. The report was prepared by the Trustee of the BNA for the […]

Matches with VAR date 16 of the BetPlay League 2020

Sports Tolima drew 1-1 in his visit to Jaguares de Córdoba and continues to lead the Liga BetPlay 2020, played between Saturday and Monday on the fifteenth date. Also read here: Juan Fernando Quintero behind the purchase of the DIM? The player cleared up those rumors The Arbitration Commission of the Colombian Football Federation determined […]

Unknown facets of Ricardo Ciciliano’s first steps in football

I met Ricardo Ciciliano in 1990, in the children’s Atlantic team directed by Carlos Bolívar. He played for the School on 24 de Soledad. From the Atlantic Team (national champion, in 1992, with Javier Castell) she went on to the Colombian pre-youth team (South American champion in the coffee region), directed by Basilico González. So […]