how the actress lives after discharge from the cancer center

The daughter of actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk recently paid a lot of attention to the blog. Anna publishes photos and videos, philosophizing and talking about how her days go. She doesn’t talk about mom. But more and more often shows the luxurious house in which the star of the series “My Fair Nanny” lives after discharge […]

Singapore deploys robot dog to maintain social distance

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW MADRID Updated:05/16/2020 01:12 save Related news In season five of “Black Mirror”, a series that tends to exaggerate a dystopian future, an autonomous machine appeared in a chapter that hunts the few survivors that remain. It is fiction, but inspired by real events. Boston Dynamics, one of the most cutting-edge companies in Artificial […]

Best Books: Non-Fiction Books of May 2020

AThe recommendation list with the largest distribution in the German-speaking countries appears monthly here. Media partners are LITERARISCHE WELT, WDR 5, “NZZ” and Austria 1. Experts select ten non-fiction books (not specialist books) from the humanities, natural sciences, social and economic sciences. May is about explosive thinkers and the broken climate in ancient Rome. 1. […]

Max Klinger: German ester of German artists

MYou just have to glance at Max Klinger’s monumental Beethoven sculpture, still and especially at the heart of the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts these days, and you actually have everything that makes this man at a glance. No wonder that his colleague Max Slevogt called him “the most German of German artists”. .

Writer Iris Zavala dies, mirror of the social function of literature

José María Pozuelo Updated:04/13/2020 01: 40h save The teacher Iris Zavala Zapata He has occupied a definite place in the studies of Spanish literature and his intellectual career may be a sample of the same evolution of Hispanism. Although he graduated in Puerto Rico, he came to Salamanca to do his doctorate under the teaching […]

Coronavirus: Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof no longer pays rent – “No entitlement”

UN organizations are demanding the release of refugees and migrants In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, four UN organizations have jointly called for the release of all refugees and migrants who would be held in closed facilities or guarded camps. The situation for these people, who are often held in cramped and unsanitary conditions, […]

Royal money numbers don’t add up

The total of $ 37,600. That’s how much Prince Harry could have made for his talk engagement at the JP Morgan Alternative Investment Summit in February after some very complicated calculations per minute. If your last name isn’t Bezos or you’re of that type, this is an incredible, life-changing amount of money so big that […]